Freshline is the best platform for farmers, retailers, and wholesalers to build, launch, and scale their online
business. By making commerce and operations better for all suppliers, we believe we can help them realize their biggest ambitions.

Freshline (formerly known as Coastline Market) was born out of a 10+ year friendship between founders Joseph Lee and Robert Kirstiuk.

The idea was conceived while the duo were still young university students, when the founders harkened back on Robert’s upbringing of being so close to fishermen when repeatedly visiting Point Verte, New Brunswick – his family’s hometown. In this remote village, the fishers often spoke of being squeezed by middlemen; struggling to make a fair income for their catch.

Robert (L) and Joseph (R) pictured next to the Haste, operated by Skipper Larry Hillis.

Determined to change this status quo, the duo imagined a platform that could democratize convoluted food supply chains around the world. From there on, Freshline evolved into what it is today: a seamless e-commerce and fulfillment platform built specifically for the farmers, fishers, and businesses that supply the world’s food.

Today, suppliers across North America trust Freshline to increase their online sales, automate their warehouse operations, and connect directly with their customers.

Mica, owner-operator of Effingham Oysters at his farm in Barkley Sound, B.C

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of consumers have benefited from chef-quality ingredients from local suppliers with minimal middlemen.

Freshline is backed by venture capital from Alpha Quest, Techstars, Next Canada, and a group of angels including Uber’s SVP, Head of UberEats, and the VP of Ticketmaster. The company has been featured by Forbes, Google, Gimlet, Globe and Mail, and the Financial Post, among others.


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