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As an entrepreneur and tech evangelist, Neal Bloom has been actively engaged in growing and promoting San Diego’s thriving tech ecosystem over the last several years. Through his grassroots effort in multiple organizations, The UC San Diego alumnus has helped build an entrepreneur-focused community that helps entrepreneurs and companies grow and succeed in San Diego.

Fresh Brewed Tech’s original “tech mafia” series covers San Diego’s “godfathers of tech,” which spawned dozens of entrepreneurs and subsequent companies, further fueling our local ecosystem. Pictured above is the WebSideStory tech mafia, whose alumni are still active in the local analytics space today.

Through his volunteer work at Startup San Diego (as co-founder and chairman), he has been helping connect entrepreneurs to resources in San Diego, alongside building his own companies and angel investing in others.

One thing Bloom noticed in San Diego is there’s a strong population of engineering-backed entrepreneurs who build amazing technology, but these skill sets don’t typically lend themselves to marketing companies—both their product and the company culture—to the broader community.

He felt that there was a lack of awareness for what was available to founders and to the general public, from one company to the next, and the ecosystem as a whole.

He thought about how local companies mainly get media coverage when they raise some investment money or sell/go public. But companies are constantly hiring, branding, creating new products/technology, and differentiating themselves year-round, on top of growing and creating jobs.

Bloom had the idea of showcasing the everyday life of San Diego’s tech ecosystem, as well as historically, how our tech community has evolved. Did these serial entrepreneurs move from elsewhere? Did they start previous companies?

L–R: Neal Bloom, Rachel Gauvin, Corinne Naliboff, Sandy Athniel & Andrea Siedsma (bottom surfboard).

This is what Fresh Brewed Tech started as in 2018—a platform to tell the stories of our tech community and amplify them to a larger audience, from our original “tech mafia” series to spotlights on startups launched by local university students and alumni.

In nearly two years, the award-winning Fresh Brewed Tech has grown into a media company that tells stories via many mediums such as email newsletters, blogs, audio/podcasts, videos, and events.

Fresh Brewed Tech has been so successful at storytelling and elevating San Diego’s tech community that the team has expanded its brand to multiple cities/communities beyond San Diego, including Orange County.

The FBT team is also now creating original content and marketing campaigns as a separate public outreach agency for cities and municipalities called Rising Tide Partners. Bloom and his team are excited to continue to spread the tech gospel in the San Diego region and beyond. Stay tuned!

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