GRT Pro Flipper is a brand new Mobile Trampoline Simulator that takes trampoline to the next level. All other trampoline-based apps on the App stores are all based on simpler 2D game play that does not truly match what a trampolinist actually does in the air at the Olympics.

Developed by the Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA), an internationally recognized acrobatic brand, Pro Flipper is already turning heads internationally. When the FTA announced they were going to bring acrobatics into the Esports Industry, the Global Esports Federation (GEF) quickly made them an official Federation Member.

Esports as an industry is trying to get into the Olympics and in the Tokyo Olympics it finally happened which means Esports is taking a huge step forward on the world’s largest sports stage. With it the FTA believes their Mobile 3D Trampoline Simulator along with one of their Gymnastics PC games can officially bring acrobatics into this booming industry.

Traditionally most Esports are Battle-Royale or First Person Shooter based games. The Olympics is currently only accepting games that are based on real-world sports such as Cycling and Rowing.

This puts the FTA in a great position to be pioneers of both the acrobatic industry by creating an entirely new “Freestyle” version as well as the Esports industry all in one swoop. The FTA has already created dozens of acrobatic Esports teams in Pro Flipper and have started doing smaller Esports competitions in cooperation with their live events. The FTA has made it clear that they plan on using video games to inspire non-acrobats to embrace acrobatics through playing their various games.

There are many members of society who would love to jump on a trampoline or swing around a high bar but for one reason or another are unable to do so. The FTA says that opening up acrobatics to Esports fans will be a great way to target individuals who normally do not get to experience flips and spins on a daily basis.

The FTA will be developing many educational programs within the various acrobatic apps that can be used as an educational tool for real live sports as well. With many great in-game updates, new game concepts and many great partners all over the world, the FTA is a young but hungry association who is one to watch for in years to come in both the Esports industry and the Acrobatic Industry.


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