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A company whose mission is to help people focus on the moments that matter most

At its core, Fracture is a company whose mission is to help people focus on the moments that matter most. Fracture prints digital photos directly onto glass, allowing you to turn your favorite memories into beautiful, personal works of art.

Fracture was founded in 2009 in Gainesville, Florida, by two University of Florida students,  Abhi Lokesh  and Alex Theodore. Their goal at the time was ambitious, but simple—tochange the way people print, display, and enjoy their favorite photos. The picture framing  industry had been relatively free of  innovation, and they sensed the opportunity to create an alternative that was modern, attractive, and that made it easier for people to display  the photos that were sitting unused on their phones and other devices.

This idea began a decade of growth, learning and entrepreneurship. Starting humbly in  a tiny office in  Northwest Gainesville, the early Fracture team was focused on creating a product that fulfilled the need that they saw in the market. They also knew that  they wanted to create a different kind of company not just a company focused on  creating high-quality products that people love, but one that is dedicated to responsible environmental stewardship.

It wasn’t long before Fracture began to gain traction with their glass prints. As more sales started to flow in, the company needed to upgrade to a larger industrial printer. The problem was that this printer would take up one third of their current office space. It was time for Fracture to find a new home. In 2012, they found that home on SW 6th St in downtown Gainesville.

In 2017, as Fracture’s office team moved to a nearby office to make room for the company’s increased manufacturing demands, it became clear to CEO, Abhi Lokesh, that it was once again time for the company to move. As he considered the future of the rapidly growing company, it became clear that whatever that future held, Fracture’s next chapter should take place in the vibrant and supportive Gainesville area that gave the company its start.

In the summer of 2019, Fracture moved to a new 30,000-square-foot space in San Felasco Tech City in Alachua, just outside of the Gainesville city limits. This newly built, solarpowered facility has plenty of room for Fracture to continue to grow into the future.

As Fracture looks to the future, its core values remain the driving force behind everything the company does. Fracture remains committed to treading lightly on the planet and works with local company We Are Neutral to offset all of the carbon emissions from all of their buildings, shipments, and even company flights. They’ve also developed innovative packaging that allows them to ship glass prints with minimal shipping materials. They are dedicated to continually finding new ways to reduce waste, protect environmental resources, and shrink their carbon footprint.

Fracture also remains deeply dedicated to their central mission of helping people focus on the moments  that matter most. Each photograph that comes through our manufacturing facility isn’t just a treasured memory—it’s a reminder of the importance of that mission.  These moments serve as a constant  inspiration to the Fracture team as the company continues to grow.

Learn more about Fracture and their story at fractureme.com/innovate-gainesville



Alachua, FL

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