If you like boring classroom drivel about financial education, Spondulics is NOT for you! If you want to be entertained and maybe even learn a little about personal finances along the way, then download Spondulics now!

FPP, a non-profit coalition of thousands of Financial Capability Practitioners in Florida and beyond, who primarily serve low- and moderate-income individuals and households operates Spondulics. The idea evolved from FPP searching for ways to change attitudes and behaviors of those receiving financial education. After researching, FPP subscribed to the belief in the power of entertainment used to help others learn, or as Walt Disney called it, “edutainment”.

Easy Peasy Finance, currently airing on Spondulics

Spondulics features films and similar content that teach strategies in financial capability. But not to worry, we want you to enjoy the show – no boring lectures here! Laugh, cry, and bond with the characters, all while developing new financial habits along the way. Aren’t sure if you would enjoy financial edutainment? You already watch other edutainment; just think of HGTV, Food Network, or the History Channel.

The OTT Platform (Over-The-Top Media Service) aims to entertain people of all ages, with the hope that you will learn something new in your viewing! Spondulics is a fully virtual, accessible, and free edutainment experience. Users are enabled to learn about critical financial information from their homes, at their convenience.

Pamela Capalad and MC Dyalekt, hosts of Brunch and Budget on Spondulics

Those who stand to gain the most from our content include young adults, ranging from teens into their early thirties. Spondulics supplies the opportunity for these individuals to be aware and prepare to have stable futures for both themselves and their families. This is a potential 66.19 million people in the United States alone who can access and immediately benefit from the services on Spondulics. Since its launch in November of 2020, the platform has already begun to reach thousands of individuals!

Travis Walker and Mike Williams, hosts of Realize Your Potential on Spondulics

The network stands alone as a one-stop location for many sources of financial education material, coming from all over the world that is enjoyable to watch while learning. There is nothing like this anywhere else, and it comes from Central Florida!

Bill Mills, President and CEO of FPP, Spondulics Creator

The shows can be viewed on the web portal at Spondulics. org, Apple and Android Mobile Apps, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku. Content runs live and is also available on demand. Keep an eye on the network as the content grows, eventually getting to 24/7!

Ilene Slatko, the *it show with Ilene Slatko on Spondulics



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