Foresight Construction Group, Inc.

A Full Service Firm Providing Design, Construction and Consulting Services for Government, Institutional, Healthcare and Commercial Clients




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Foresight Construction Group, Inc. is a fullservice firm providing design, construction and consulting services for government, institutional, healthcare and commercial clients throughout the Southeastern United States and Caribbean. Based in Gainesville with offices in Tampa and Jacksonville, we build new buildings and renovate facilities that require the highest standards for operation, including airport, military, medical and research facilities. Some of our repeat clients include the University of Florida, UF Health, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa International Airport, NASA, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Navy and Air Force.

When Juan Segarra first launched Foresight in 2008 at the age of 29, he envisioned a different type of construction firm than the status quo. He found most construction firms to be operations focused; operations people leading operations people to meet specific project goals. Segarra’s approach was to instead focus on purpose-driven leadership with the goal of creating a culture of service that would ultimately impact and improve the lives of others – clients, employees, subcontractors, and other partner firms.

Individual project goals and operational efficiencies would be accomplished while also focusing on the quality of experience for all involved. The level of service provided along the way was just as important as the final product.

With this clear vision in place and a set of core values – Can-Do Attitude, Ownership Mentality, Responsiveness and Spirit of Excellence – to unify Improving the Lives of Others Through a Culture of Service and guide the team, Foresight continues to earn repeat business with its clients and attract top talent. Foresight has won multiple awards and recognitions, including Florida Trend’s Best Companies to Work for in Florida (2019) and Business of the Year by the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce (2017).

A Culture of Innovators

As a next-generation construction firm, Foresight has been quick to adopt emerging technologies to better perform the planning, design, management, scheduling and cost estimating functions of a construction project. Further, Foresight has invested in leadership and professional development platforms that deliver educational content to our team members in a fresh and convenient manner.

However, the true impetus of innovation within the business is a culture that inspires people to be creative and solve problems. As Segarra puts it, “We focus on building the best people so that they can build the best buildings.” Creating an authentic culture where people can thrive, grow and make a long-term commitment creates space for innovation to occur. Foresight is very clear on “why” we are in business; “how” we will operate; and “who” our clients are. This clarity allows our team to be laser-focused on developing and tailoring processes around specific challenges that our set of clients have. Within this framework, our team can craft a targeted approach to executing on client needs instead of a one-sizefits all plan.

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