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One Of The UK’s Fastest-Growing Law Firms

Law firm Foot Anstey was founded back in 1908, but it’s the last decade which has been its real growth story. Turnover has expanded by 95% in the last six years alone, catapulting it from a regional player to a Top 100 law firm.

Its modern Bristol office, complete with over 160 staff, overlooks the developments currently going on across Bristol’s central Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.

While other firms try to be all-things-to-all-clients, Foot Anstey made a deliberate decision to focus on its six-core sector specialisms and grow them organically. As a result, it is currently one of the UK’s fastest-growing law firms.

One of Foot Anstey’s sector services is Media and Entertainment, in part serving Bristol and the South West’s world-recognised tech and creative hubs.

Foot Anstey’s Technology practice area is run by partner Martin Cuell. He said, “Although we’re a national firm we’re proud of our South West roots.

The South West is a special place and we’re heavily invested in the region’s technology community.

“We support technology customers and providers. By that, I mean we advise innovators looking for investors, buyers, or business support. But because we understand the market, we also advise those on the other side looking to buy new tech or bring a service into their organisation.

Martin Cuell - Partner

"Our experience leads us to complex transformational technology projects such as new technology procurement major outsourcing, or maximising value from existing tech."

- Martin Cuell - Partner

“Having a network of contacts means we’re not simply providing legal support, we’re full collaborators in our clients’ success.

“We fit into Foot Anstey’s other sectors, so we have a natural focus on RetailTech, FinTech, and CleanTech. We also do a great deal of work in transport and infrastructure.

“What clients are looking for is straightforward practical advice which is aimed at solutions. That’s the opposite of the kind of ‘on the one hand this, on the other hand, that’ advice which lawyers are famous for—and isn’t really ‘advice’ at all.

“We take the time to understand our clients’ strategy. It’s vital. Only when I’ve understood where a client is trying to get to can I give the advice which will empower him or her to make the right technology decisions.


“Supporting the region’s tech sector is something we’re actively engaged in

beyond our legal advice.  “In particular we create collaborative initiatives across the region to spotlight, support, and help connect the technology ecosystem.

“Our flagship activity is spotlighting new and emerging technologies by cocurating the annual Disrupt SW index. That identifies and supports the top 25 disruptive tech businesses in the region. This has included innovative South West–based businesses such as Bunk, Immersive Labs, and Tickitto.

“Bristol has long been an innovative city, but it feels like it’s on the cusp now of something really big. It’s a great place to be passionate about tech.”


Foot Anstey

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