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Does it feel like corporate innovation is far too slow and costs far too much? Many organizations and business leaders are struggling with this too. As innovation leaders in large organizations, we also experienced it first-hand. From this our company FOCUS 4 U was born.

FOCUS 4 U is a boutique consulting company specialized in innovation strategy for IT and business leaders worldwide. We offer customised innovation programs to ignite creative leadership. These programs help organisations set up the right innovation pathways and reduce the risks and high costs of innovation experiments.

What sets us apart is our unmatched experience in Business and IT, unique background in research and industry, as well as our practical, systemic approach to innovation.

” Innovation is about imagination and execution”.

Many organizations rightly recognize the growing need for corporate innovation programs that encourage both incremental and disruptive innovations. This demand for innovation has created a new focus on the role of IT and business leaders. Business and technology leaders transitioning into their new role of ‘innovators’ often lack the time and, often, skills necessary for development and implementation of a specific innovation strategy. We strongly believe that such skills must be mastered to achieve better results. As ‘innovators’, leaders are taking risks to do something that nobody in their organizations has done before. At the core of many of the less successful attempts to organise corporate innovation lie some common mistakes. We help business leaders to overcome such known pitfalls, by coaching them how to mitigate risks and manage their organizations under conditions of uncertainty.

If you have “innovation” in your job title, it most likely means that you like building new teams, creating new products and new value. But the truth is, when it comes to corporate innovation, you should also excel at “scaling”. We assist you with the tools and techniques on how to consider scalability in your innovation projects and help you to navigate through the ‘red flags’ while trying to achieve your goals.

” We love working in the open innovation environment of the Antwerp digital innovation ecosystem.”

FOCUS 4 U was founded by Ilse Bracke and her partner in 2008. Ilse has over 15 years of extensive expertise in innovation strategy, corporate venturing, creating opportunities connecting research and industry, setting up strategic partnerships, building relationships with ecosystems, IP portfolio management and amplification, creating spin-offs and implementing systems to generate value out of data.

We are specialized in helping companies to foster corporate innovation. We work with a proven systemic model approach to help accelerate value creation.

Curious how we can help you to expand your ‘innovation brain’? Let’s talk.

” Working with Ilse was fun and professional, taking the innovation to the next level. She brought in many new perspectives that took the idea closer to the market.”

– Magnus Willner, Founder & CEO Mixtive AB, Sweden

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