Putting the “Florida Man” in Gaming With Tampa Local Esports Company FMG

Florida Man Gaming is a Tampa, Fl-based esports organization that has brought innovation to the community through partnerships with like-minded local businesses intending to help bridge the gap in our community.

Florida Man Gaming is an American esports gaming community founded in 2019 with the vision to bring a community of gamers together. Not allowing the Covid 19 pandemic to hinder the growth, FMG decided to pivot and deliver to its community on a virtual platform. Through virtual tournaments, FMG has seen success and amassed over 500 registered members in the gamer discord. The discord serves as the primary means of communication for the community. It enables the members to share stats,
progress, learn of FMG sponsored tournaments, other tournaments, solicit members to join their gamer party, etc. Florida Man Gaming opens its doors to all who share the passion of gaming, streaming their games, and those who want to be a part of their gamer community. While focused on Florida, FMG is open to all who are interested in subscribing to the community.

FMG serves as an innovation enabler as it encourages its members to curate their own experience while leveraging the FMG community. FMG is recognized for its varying tournament offerings that nurture a platform for the community to grow through unique paths. FMG’s vision of growth provides flexibility for those who subscribe to the forum. FMG has a subset that follows and manages content creators with the primary objective to grow their social platforms by providing weekly coaching sessions and providing honest feedback on streaming sessions. This service is on a subscription basis and has seen an uptick of interest as content curators seek an avenue to grow their brand while receiving the guidance and support to stay abreast in the esports world. At FMG, we take pride in even the most minute progressions, and we are looking forward to continuing to grow our subscribers to help propel them to higher grounds.


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