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Florida Funders-Is On A Mission To Create

Florida Funders is on a mission to create a Florida as well known for technology and innovation as it is for tourism and oranges. It is a hybrid of a venture capital fund and crowd-funding platform that invests in early-stage technology companies here in Florida.

The firm is led by an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, and experienced angel investors with proven track records of successful exits and a shared passion for growing the next generation of Florida tech companies. Florida Funders is committed to helping start-ups grow into successful enterprises that will positively benefit the Florida business landscape and overall economy.

The key to the firm’s success lies in its ability to identify the very best investment opportunities by applying a rigorous, highly structured vetting process and solid investment thesis developed by its highly experienced investment committee. The selection process starts with a company’s founder. Florida Funder’s mantras is: “We bet more on the jockey than the horse.” Because everyone on the investment committee is an entrepreneur who has successfully built and exited one or more technology companies, they know that grit, perseverance and stamina are primary character traits for an entrepreneur to be successful.

Beyond the founder the investment committee looks at:

  • Size of the addressable market
  • Scalability of the business model
  • Technology and the problem it is solving
  • Competitive landscape
  • Potential for at least a 10X return.

Tom Wallace

Marc Blumenthal

The involvement of Florida Funders does not stop once it has provided a company with funding. Post-funding, the firm treats its portfolio companies as partners, providing value-added resources to help their businesses grow.

Florida Funders assigns an operating partner, who typically takes a board seat and works closely with the CEO to ensure their investment dollars are being deployed wisely.

The firm uses its partners, their networks, and its investors to provide coaching, industry advice, and introductions to potential customers as well as later-stage venture capital firms. These resources give start-ups the best chance to succeed at building a break-out technology company that will, in turn, hire highly skilled professionals, lease valuable commercial space, and make a positive economic impact on Florida’s communities.

Kevin Adamek

Marc Sokol

Florida Funders has a committed venture capital fund that takes part in every vetted Florida Funders investment opportunity. The Florida Funders online equity crowdfunding platform allows accredited investors to register to review detailed information on investment opportunities and invest in these companies alongside the Florida Funders venture capital fund. Since the Florida Funders venture capital fund invests in each offering, investors always know they are investing alongside smart money.

Accredited investors can register for free to become investors on FloridaFunders.com where they get access to investing details and transaction-relevant information posted by the companies that Florida Funders has carefully selected and vetted for funding.

Florida Funders

(813) 775-6990
1311 N. Westshore Blvd
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Tampa, FL 33607

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