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Flip.to is the platform built to introduce travel brands to new audiences worldwide.

Story from Sahid A, Experience Kissimmee Traveler

Travelers share the high points of their experiences with the brand at the center of the story, tapping into their warmest, most receptive audience yet while tracking the impact down to dollars.
The result: destinations, hotels, and resorts get introduced to new audiences in the most trusted way possible, and at a scale like never before—all while travelers learn about new experiences from friends & family worldwide: a win-win.

Story from Christopher H. Guest of Reunion Resort – “Birdies were flyin’ and so was the Bethel College Women’s Golf as they played the Jack Nicklaus Course over spring break!”

At Flip.to, we’re big believers in taking hospitality marketing to a new frontier. We celebrate experiences from travelers around the world and work with folks truly passionate about their incredible destinations.
Somewhere, travel marketing got away from being aspirational, at the expense of brands and travelers alike. So we set out to make things right. We’re helping travel brands have authentic conversations, nurture lasting relationships, and craft rich experiences to put them back at the center of every traveler’s journey. From 10,000 feet high down to the finest details, we’re re-imagining travel marketing that’s a win for travelers, great for business and top-notch hospitality.
That takes shape in a travel marketing platform that’s not only incredibly impactful, but beautifully executed. It’s more than a polished product (although we’ve got that too.) It’s truly innovating to help marketers tackle real challenges.


Story From Suzunnah B. – Experience Cocoa Beach Traveler

Story from Sonia P. – Guest of the Shores Resort & Spa

Story from Peter M. – Guest of the Betsy Hotel

Florida’s our home state and we’re proud to call it home to the Flip.to headquarters. With 8 years under our belts, Flip.to is helping reach tens of millions of travelers—and growing—each and every year.
With roots in the hotel sector, we’re proud to have grown to travel brands of all shapes and sizes, from destinations to vacation rentals, attractions and beyond.
So what’s next? We’re setting the stage for a first-of-its-kind: re-imagining tourism, from the regional level down to the property on a platform everyone can join—a solution that inspires travel and creates partnerships with significant impact for everyone involved.
To get started with Flip.to, the advocacy platform that reaches, inspires and wins over an entirely new global audience every day, take a tour at http://flip.to/tour

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