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Making A Positive Impact In The Lives Of Seniors

As the CEO of First Promise Care Services and Founder of BLISS Senior Care Foundation, I’ve been a devoted Advocate for seniors for over 15 years. It’s been my mission to make a positive impact in the lives of our seniors and ensure no seniors are left underserved. They all deserve to be cared for with dignity, respect, and compassion!

Born in the Philippines and coming from a poor family, I always had a dream for my family and I to live a better quality of life and I valued every opportunity that came my way. Visiting America was only a dream, but being able to call America my home today is a true gift!

My journey began in September 1999, when I landed in LAX from Sydney, Australia with only $35 in my pocket. My sister accommodated me in her home while I looked for work.

Initially, I began working as a bathing Aide in a large Care Facility. Later I became a private caregiver to an elderly lady with advanced MS whom I grew compassion for during my time with her. With minimal work experience, I learned that the only way to effectively care for her was to envision myself in her shoes.

My experience as a caregiver began to grow from one patient to the next. I was given the chance to care for another sweet lady who made a lasting impact on me. I quickly became a part of the family as she helped me master my English and taught me how to cook, play the piano, arrange flowers, entertain guests and much more.

Today, I am happily married to my husband Kevin for 16 years, who has supported me in all of my  endeavors, along with our 11 year old son Simon, who is also a blessing from God. Early in our marriage, I had an opportunity to purchase a six bed Care Facility for the Elderly. I quickly studied to become an Administrator, my husband and I ran the facility together as both the Administrators and as caregivers. We then hired a team of caregivers and trained them to help cater to the needs of our clients. Three years later, we acquired our second six bed Care Facility and repeated the process.

As the care needs and demands of the aging population began to grow, we started First Promise Care  Services in December of 2015 where we now had the ability to send State Registered Home Care Aides to provide care in the comfort and privacy of the homes of our seniors.

In 2018, First Promise Management Team was given a chance to participate in a quality job study with the San Diego Workforce Partnership. After successfully testing and completing the study, the Leadership Program called “Empowering Caregivers to be Leaders” is now being implemented in  retaining employees and attracting quality, good hearted caregivers.

My passion in serving seniors has encouraged me to keep searching for solutions for our seniors despite their socio-economic background. So finally, in 2018, I had the vision to bridge the gap between Low Income, underserved seniors with in-home care. This specific group of seniors have managed to survive on as little as $900 each month; only enough to cover basic rent, food, medication and utilities. Therefore, BLISS spoke to my heart and was born.

BLISS stands for “Blessed Low Income Senior Support” and aims to give these Seniors new hope to make life simpler by connecting qualified Seniors with State Registered Home Care Aides.

BLISS accepts tax deductible donations that sponsors seniors living in low-income senior communities who are in need of assisted care. This sponsored service will provide these seniors with the dignity and support while living independently in their own home. In addition, empowered Caregivers will also be given an opportunity to elevate their careers while providing quality care to low income seniors making BLISS a WIN-WIN situation! More importantly, BLISS aims to change lives of Seniors by one act of service at a time!

First Promise Care Services

1283 E. Main St. Ste 101
El Cajon, CA 92021

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