What’s preventing a company from achieving its innovation and technology goals? How can technology companies accelerate their Digital Initiatives to respond to the 24/7 world? What’s the cost of failure?

Matt Domo, Founder and CEO

Meet Matt Domo, Founder and CEO helps technology businesses reimagine and re-engineer their technology for the digital age. Done right, digital transformation can truly transform the outlook and capabilities of any business.

“We’ve learned what to do, but more importantly, what not to do,” said the company’s CEO and Founder, Matt Domo. “In our collective experience, we’ve grown organizations from zero to a thousand and successfully grew two technology products from scratch to make billions of dollars. We helped one of our clients transform their on-premise products to SAAS solutions within 12 months. They became a public company due in part to our advice.”

This digital transformation and technology advisory delivers clear and actionable technology strategies that power digital transformation for business success. FifthVantage’s goal is to help clients achieve accelerated exponential growth and innovation with technologies that make the customer experience simple, easy, and frictionless. These services help clients modernize and grow.

When executive teams need help with their technology strategy, FifthVantage is the trusted advisor. “We ask the right questions, advise on avoiding pitfalls, and share our global technical expertise. We know that digital transformation can truly transform the outlook and capabilities of any business. We’ve done it. We’ve seen it. And we’re here to help our clients achieve it.”

With its mission as innovation enablers, FifthVantage has a playbook of what works and achieves excellent results. Domo and his team at FifthVantage have over 30 years of experience and expertise in cloud computing, SaaS applications, infrastructure solutions, and e-commerce at the enterprise, mid-market, and startup levels. Domo is one of the founders of Amazon Web Services and a pioneer in the cloud computing space. He has created nine cutting-edge cloud products and seven e-commerce website solutions that generated over $2 billion in revenue for Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace. As a business leader, Domo is a visionary. He can decipher the core components of a complex problem to deliver compelling, impactful solutions.

Launched in early 2020, FifthVantage quickly established itself as a trusted advisor in Austin’s burgeoning technology and innovation community and globally. As trusted advisors, FifthVantage is tapped on the shoulder to help technology organizations understand their choices, their ramifications, and how to minimize mistakes. FifthVantage’s advisors make the decision-making process more effective and rapid, with better results than if their clients tried to do it independently. “We’ve learned from some of the greatest leaders and minds in the industry. Now it’s about giving back. As trusted advisors, we strive to help others become wildly successful in achieving their goals. We take great joy when our clients achieve the success they wanted and more.” Domo said.

Leveraging cloud computing natively is a core client focus. Said Domo: “The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the mass adoption of cloud computing by three to five years. Most of the world’s applications have migrated to the cloud, but many just took what they already had and shifted it there. The challenge now is not convincing clients of the efficacy and potential rewards of migrating to the cloud, but how a company can leverage the cloud-native approach as a strategic enabler for greater effectivity, performance, and results.”

“We advise you on what changes your company needs to make in your applications to use the cloud natively in your software. We help to redesign the application with that as a core design tenet. The cloud-native approach helps your development team innovate more rapidly and improve availability, quality, and performance. That’s a key part of what FifthVantage does as expert advisors.”


FifthVantage prides its position in Austin’s technology space. Not only does this company help its Austin clients accomplish their technology and innovation goals and accelerate their growth, but it also works to enrich the industry globally as enablers.

Austin is as influential as Silicon Valley. “What sets Austin’s technology industry apart from Silicon Valley is the rich sense of community,” said Domo. “Technology companies and leaders help each other achieve great business results and grow Austin’s success as a whole.”

In this spirit, Domo and FifthVantage are deeply entrenched in Austin’s Venture Capital and innovation space. This organization plays an active role in shaping the next generation of innovators: one such aspect is its role as a judge for Texas State University’s New Venture program.

Pioneering the future of Digital Transformation and enhancing business potential will see AI and machine learning innovations widely adopted in this space. Innovation is happening at a torrid pace that will deliver better results and make it easier for people and companies to adopt these technologies. Domo says another innovation in Digital Transformation will be advanced hyper-automation: “People want what they want when they want it, how they want it, 24/7. It is harnessing automation of the processes that cause friction points for your employees to deliver simple, easy, and frictionless service to customers.”

Another significant area fast-developing in application and device growth is 5G and Edge Computing. Edge computing brings more processing closer to the customer, enabling a company to build more immersive, higher-performing, more reliable experiences. For experiences like live streaming, broadcasts will have better quality for more customers.

Strategists and engineers in equal measure, FifthVantage’s expertise is geared towards delivering resilience and rapid, high-quality outcomes for technology businesses. The client’s systems are transformed into more scalable, reliable, performance-oriented, and cost-effective solutions in the face of growing customer demand.

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