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The world’s most active field service marketplace and software solution

Field Nation is the world’s most active field service marketplace and software solution. By connecting technicians to organizations in one easyto-use platform and mobile app, Field Nation solves a critical challenge all service leaders worry about: accessing skilled labor, when and where you need it. Unlike traditional staffing companies, Field Nation is built specifically for quick-turn, onsite service work. Businesses can post projectbased work, scout potential service providers in every postal code, and organize go-to service crews fast.

Technology professionals can search for work that fits their schedule and skill set, builds their reputation, and offers them payment within days of project completion. Because contractors are essentially interviewing for their work each time they go out in the field, companies continue to be impressed with the consistent high quality work. It’s a real win-win situation for everyone.

After observing the effects of the 2008 recession and its influence on the way people work, founder and CEO Mynul Khan noticed a significant change in the technology marketplace. Instead of hiring permanent employees, companies started using contractors to deliver onsite labor. Simultaneously, full-time employees were looking for flexible work opportunities. Recognizing the growing need for companies and independent workers to easily connect with one another, Khan launched Field Nation, creating a new way to get work done.

Companies use Field Nation to reduce overhead and simplify project management. Today, the Field Nation marketplace has more than 100,000 technicians and 1,000 active companies posting work on the platform. To reduce the time it takes to find a technician, Field Nation created a proprietary matching algorithm using more than ten years of data to automate the process of finding the best technician for a job. For companies using the algorithm, it provides three to five recommended technicians once work is posted.

To aid companies in meeting their Service Level Agreements, the Field Nation team takes additional measures to maintain top-notch technician quality. They have developed programs to help manage technicians with at-fault issues, as well as recognize top service providers across a variety of categories. Together, Field Nation’s algorithm and programs ensure the work gets done by the right technician at the right time.

Ten years in, the Field Nation team again noticed an emerging market shift. With the rise of the gig economy, businesses were introducing blended labor—instead of strictly using W2 employees or 1099 contractors, companies were using a blend of both. To help clients manage both employees and contractors, Field Nation launched Field Nation ONE. Through Field Nation ONE, companies gain total visibility into their blended workforce and optimize labor allocation accordingly.

Field Nation has been intentional in supporting innovation by creating a company that reflects the behaviors of creative problem-solving. An open office and open culture encourage employees to be who they are, fostering diversity and inclusivity. The open office space in downtown Minneapolis fuels frequent, spontaneous collaboration. Field Nation employees all go through a training seminar in design thinking, which encourages team members to use creative, innovative solutions to solve users’ problems. The company also promotes a healthy work/life balance, reflected in generous benefits including unlimited PTO and vacation bonuses. Ensuring staff arrive at work fresh and ready to do their best has always been part of the secret recipe for continued excellence.

Beyond investing in employee engagement, Field Nation also gives back to its local communities in Minneapolis and Dhaka, Bangladesh. Field Nation plays an active role in supporting younger generations as a sponsor of Girls Who Code at the University of Minnesota and Dream for Tomorrow in Bangladesh.

Moving forward, Field Nation aims to be an even bigger catalyst for companies and technicians looking to evolve. With a huge untapped market for this business, Field Nation’s teams are ambitious and ready to put in the work to get there, moving forward with confidence as they strive to innovate and excel as the industry’s strongest field service platform.

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