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We connect Israel’s most high potential tech startups to the partners, investors, and advisors they need to launch successfully in the US.

Our mission is to establish Florida as a global innovation hub. Technology startups thriving in our local economy attract new talent, drive new investment opportunities, and enhance the region’s reputation as a competitive, fertile ground for business. By encouraging Israeli startups to enter the US market with Florida as their base of operations, we connect individuals and companies to job opportunities, high-skilled talent, technological solutions, and innovation and showcase the region as a key center of excellence in healthcare, urban development, and security/defense among other key industries in Florida.

As part of FIBA’s expansion to S. Florida, FIBA 2020 Launch participants presented to investors in West Palm Beach.

FIBA leverages its strong network of business executives, investors, government officials and leaders from both the Florida Jewish community and the greater business community to provide market knowledge and validation, and access to investors and large corporations necessary to grow Israeli startup companies in the US.


  • Acquisitions: WeissBeerger was acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest beer brewer.
  • Funding: StemRad secured a $6 million investment from Tampa investors in 2017, followed by UC-Care which secured a $1 million investment from Tampa investors in 2019.
  • Relocation: StemRad, UC-Care, ECOncrete and Nucleon opened an office in Tampa Bay following participation in the FIBA program. The companies hired locally and relocated families to the area.
  • Distinctions: ECOncrete was recognized by Forbes and Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in 2019 in addition to being selected as an awardee of the United Nations for women innovators.
  • Engagement: FIBA hosted 30 community events with 2500 guests and facilitated over 150 meetings with investors and executives for the 40 companies in its portfolio.
  • Expansion: FIBA is expanding its activities and event offering to other markets in Florida, including Central Florida, South Florida and South West Florida.

The FIBA 2020 health-tech cohort with local advisors and entrepreneurs. From left to right, top to bottom: Yaki Halfon (FIBA), Richard Reiss (FIBA), Rami Kirshblum (Uniper Care), Ziv Tamir (ArTack), Kim Stebbings (FIBA), Izik Itzhakov (Aeye Health), Dan Greco (FIBA), Rachel Feinman (FIBA), Amit Maydan (Milagro AI), Pam Miniati (FIBA), Ed Buckley (Tampa-based PeerfFit), Avi Price (Uniper Care).

Brad Gamble, CEO of The Selling Factory, coaches Israeli entrepreneurs about sales strategies as part of the FIBA 2020 Launch program.

Testimonials and Press

“FIBA has become one of the highest quality programs in Florida and clearly unique in its approach. I have personally invested in one of the companies and believe that Tampa Bay will become U.S. headquarters to many Israeli companies over the next few years.” – Marc Blumenthal, Florida Funders, Partner

“My support for the Israeli companies stems from the fact that I believe that these companies can create many qualitative jobs and develop the state’s high tech. The FIBA project and the Jewish community will contribute both to the local and the Israeli economy.” – Governor Rick Scott, The Times of Israel, December 2017

“There are many startup programs out there… I think that the FIBA program was way, way better than anything and everything that we’ve done so far.” – Amit May-dan, CEO/Co-Founder of Milagro AI

“If you are a startup that wants access to customers and investors, and if you are looking to accelerate your startup, this is the place to go. Go to FIBA, I highly recommend it.” – Rami Kirshblum, CEO/Co-founder of Uniper Care

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