Our mission is simple: to shake the foundations of the gaming industry, one empowered woman at a time by providing a safe space for female gamers to play and showcase their talents.

While we’re not the first to recognize the stigma of women in video games, we’re one of the first to take the initiative to challenge the status quo and move the needle to “warp speed ahead”. We are being the change we want to see in this space. Ours is a movement, not just a mission- that will change and rewrite the code on the gaming experience forever. The Femme Gaming community provides an inclusive environment for female gamers to showcase their talent, make connections in a safe, like-minded
community and simultaneously build each other up. We believe when women support each other they are unstoppable. Femme Gaming is the amplification tool for women around the world to connect, grow and share their passion for esports & gaming. This shouldn’t seem innovative at all but we know first-hand there is a gap to fill in this space. This gap has been attributed to and characterized by social conditioning for boys and girls, societal constraints, access to resources and innovations within the gaming space itself. Frankly, putting up with the “boys will be boys” narrative, a simple phrase albeit, has excused and excluded all kinds of different people in society in general.

Innovative programs through STEM are attempting to close the gender participation gap at the primary and elementary school levels. Femme Gaming’s goal is to do the same for the adult female community likewise. We do so knowing the average age of all female gamers is 20’s through late 30’s. Femme Gaming is able to accomplish this tactically through our community, our social media platforms and our supportive engagements. We are led by our ever-present shared value of the education and elevation of our community #FemmeArmy. Our goal is to close the gap in skills development through curating and showcasing our talented, female community with tournaments,, We augment this strategy with live twitch streaming, training, development and partnership collabs. We encourage and enable an innovative space as an example to others by balancing the current trends of engagement i.e. TikTok with traditional mediums of shareable content that walks the talk for a diverse, female community of gamers.

We continue to utilize our platform as emerging leadership in this space to innovate and narrate what we want to see in the esports and gaming world for all women. Let’s face it, the fiercest and bad-ass game characters are often female, subtle validation that #thefutureisfemme. Started in 2020, Femme Gaming now boasts over 10,000 community members across social media platforms and looming collaborations with recognizable brands that share our values, understanding this is just the beginning.
In our eyes, innovation means taking the failures of modernity and turning them into thought-starter, conversational topics paired with “actionables’’ that will change the face of the gaming industry. Simply put, we want female empowerment and representation to be a way to measure the industry’s success, as much as capital gain or trendy marketing innovations. We want to marry and evaluate qualitative data with
quantitative data through our community architecture and engagement. We want to amplify and leverage those findings to disrupt the current misconceptions and make way for an inclusive, gender equitable economic landscape and gaming culture. We know data informs behavioral shifts, so it’s about to get loud. We want to change the games space forever – innovate forward!

Our reimagined gaming industry is free of discrimination and harassment against women. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in the gaming space and addressing it are only two baby steps to drastically change the climate. While we know we are on the right track, we need everyone to be an ally. We are proactively pursuing co-conspirators in support of the movement. Organizations, brands, executive leadership and all of the game developers are needed to embrace and activate this culture shift. It starts from the top of the organizations down and from the inside out. The effort has to be intentional and there needs to be an economic strategy behind it to support sustainable change. Marketing strategies for video games have only recently been specifically targeted to women, and some attempts have received unnecessary “anti-simp” backlash. All players in the game must be part of the movement to drive any long-term impact. We believe that the amplification of hard data will create the industry shift we are looking for. Likewise, innovations such as tournaments featuring co-ed players and promotions (much like those featured in the Olympics and traditional sport) will literally display the progression of esports ecosystem as a game-changer in sport optimization. We likewise need culture carriers of #thefutureisfemme in order to gain sustainable traction. Even when that is done, there will always still be a need for the Femme Army. There will always be a requirement for a sheltered community to empower, encourage, and cultivate the female gamer from grassroots to pro, from behind the scenes to the front of the screen.

All success stories start with an idea and a whole lot of “learnings” formally called “mistakes. Don’t kill it before it’s been realized. Think “you owe it to yourself and your supporters to at least try.” Entrepreneurs and new businesses live and die by the setting of goals and recommitting to those each day. Set goals and remember that failure is a learning lesson every time. Failure and success are marital partners-’til death do they part. You optimize at the same time. It’s a good thing. It is important to utilize
and grow your network, show support and engage in the community. This is an “out there in the open secret”. Engage in the spaces you’d like to be; encourage those in that community and they will do the same for you in turn. You’ll find this to be a remarkable confidence builder. Finally, build your community with the same passion as you would your brand. Recognize trends in omnichannel marketing and implement them into your business strategy. Keep your standards high, and don’t bend to external pressures. Your brand is your promise and make sure every single touch-point lives up to it. Finally, find your unique space. There is more to gaming than playing the game. Learn what other opportunities are available in the space you’re pursuing. That is where real change lives and the possibilities are endless.

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world and a breeding ground for success stories in all kinds of industries. We are proud to be based in this city. It is a melting pot of trendsetters, innovative thought leaders and inclusive communities. Recently, Toronto Stock Exchange added Enthusiast Gaming and OverActive Media to their trade listings and we expect to see exposure on other gaming/esports names in the near future. Toronto boasts an exciting environment for creative, innovative business ideas:. It offers a superior quality of life, an ever-growing talent pool and an enthusiastic sports fan climate base. There is also a wide range of resources available to budding entrepreneurs such as accelerators and incubators, job boards, investor pools and shared workspaces purpose-built to support entrepreneurs on their paths to success. Ready player one? Yep, she’s ready.


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