> Felix & Paul - As Leaders In The World Of Immersive Entertainment, Felix & Paul Studios Has A Proven Track Record Of Excellence 

Felix & Paul – As leaders in the world of immersive entertainment, Felix & Paul studios has a proven track record of excellence.

When the pair realized they would yet again have to go up against one another, this time to direct a local low-budget music video, they decided to bury the proverbial hatchet and join forces. The result was a success and they soon found themselves in high demand, directing commercials and music videos as a duo.

Fueled by their shared passion for experiential cinema, Félix and Paul explored the world of immersive storytelling, veering further away from their roots in traditional filmmaking. For the next few years they deep dived into 3D stereoscopic cinema, holography and projection mapping until the pair got a hold of an Oculus DK1. The newly available head-mounted display opened a new world of possibilities for the two filmmakers, a world they’d so far only read about in their research into virtual reality.

In 2013, the pair joined forces with their longtime collaborator and producer Stéphane Rituit to create Felix & Paul Studios, now the world’s only full spectrum immersive entertainment studio. Throughout the years and projects, the Montreal-based studio has developed proprietary best-in-class 3D spherical camera systems, production/post-production software and processes as well as spatial audio capture, design and processing by ay of its Headspace Studio division.

The company, now composed of over 60 specialists and with offices in both Montreal and Santa Monica, has been recognized by the industry for its artistic and technological achievements, garnering multiple awards and critical acclaim for their work with existing franchises, world-renowned organizations, performers and leaders and their ground-breaking immersive experiences.

Paul Raphaël Co-Founder & Creative Director

Félix Lajeunesse Co-Founder & Creative Director

Stéphane Rituit Co-Founder & CEO

Sebastian Sylwan Creative Partner & CTO

Felix & Paul

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