A painting pig from Farm Sanctuary SA is hogging the limelight and inspiring animal lovers to make the connection between what they eat and the industries that they support.


When South African Joanne Lefson rescued a small piglet from a local industrialized hog facility in 2016, she knew this pig was destined to become an international art sensation. When Joanne noticed that Pigcasso ate or destroyed everything except some old paint brushes that were laying in her stall, she decided to nurture the pig’s potential talent. Using positive reinforcement and noticing her passion for the brush, it wasn’t long before ‘Pigcasso’ began to paint – and paint. Today, at 700 kilograms, she is the biggest artist in the world!

Every original is signed by Pigcasso’s nose tip, countersigned by Lefson and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Pigcasso and Lefson also represent the first human-animal art collaboration of its kind and has captured the worlds’ imagination. Their unrivalled story has been prominently featured on all leading media networks and their art is collected by celebrities and environmentalists, including Jane Goodall and Sir David Attenborough. Amongst a number of international endorsements, Pigcasso designed the sold-out 2019 SWATCH watch and a wine label from the grapes that have survived her robust appetite at the sanctuary was released in 2020. OINK! The gallery showcasing the artworks of Pigcasso and Lefson opened in Amsterdam in September 2021.


Pigcasso’s artworks have sold for millions of Rands around the world and proceeds from the sale of every artwork benefit Farm Sanctuary SA where the fine swine resides. This directly supports the organizations rescue, education and rehabilitation efforts while also providing a solid foundation of sustainability for the long-term vision. The sanctuary is open daily and it facilitates a positive connection between the general public and the lives of farm animals.

Through their extraordinary partnership, the creatives aim to challenge the status quo; igniting debate on the definition of art, while highlighting the detrimental effects of animal agriculture on the welfare of farm animals and the environment in order to inspire a kinder, more sustainable world for all.

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