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Exvera Communications Inc. led by a self-proclaimed “Professional Noisemaker” is bringing stories about innovation and entrepreneurs to a global audience




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Exvera Communications Inc. is a public relations firm with international reach based in Vancouver, B.C., specialized in communications for emerging industries and disruptive innovation. Exvera means “from truth,” highlighting the company’s commitment to finding the strongest and most authentic stories to tell that impact the audience on a deep level. Exvera Communications was founded by Brittany Whitmore, who calls herself a “Professional Noisemaker,” and who was named as one of BC Business Magazine’s 30 under 30 as well as as one of Langara College’s Outstanding Alumni in 2017.


Exvera Communications focuses on building and executing PR strategies to secure its clients high-quality, earned media coverage that communicates the client’s core values and resonates with the target audience. Earned media is the real, organic media coverage related to a company or brand that is not directly generated by the company but rather by third party publications. Exvera has earned its clients stories in publications world- wide, on TV, radio, digital and print. This includes publications ranging from TechCrunch to the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, to Business in Vancouver, WIRED, Betakit and everything in between.


While Vancouver has earned its reputation as an innovation hub via the many successful technology companies, those companies do not operate in a vacuum, it truly “takes a village” to realize the potential of a great technology company. This includes all of the organizations and other businesses that help to support their success, and Exvera Communications has been a part of that story in Vancouver.


Vancouver is a relatively small city, so one striking thing that you are likely to hear time and time again is that many of the great local tech companies, don’t even service the local market, but are instead focused on serving the U.S. or a broader market. This can be where the crucial element of a strong PR strategy comes in. Not only does it help companies to broadcast their message far and wide, but it also comes off as much more authentic and trustworthy than paid advertising or outbound sales. This kind of exposure can be even more crucial for emerging companies who are doing something completely new to the world, because a potential client or partner is less likely to be seeking them out on their own and may need that extra push to understand the value clearly.

Media has become increasingly borderless, as it is increasingly consumed digitally. Exvera has worked with clients and partners worldwide, and has been brought on to the ground to markets such as the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and South Korea. But there is something extra special about bringing Vancouver’s technology and innovation onto the global stage, and Exvera Communications is thrilled to be a part of that story.

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