Humans are spacetime optimizers. We start by understanding the physical world through our senses. We then learn to describe what we perceive. We then imagine possible variations of our environments and we take action to make some of those variations a reality. We are spacetime optimizers.

What humankind has accomplished so far is astonishing. By understanding, describing and optimizing our physical world, we’ve built a space station, built computers, connected those computers worldwide through notably fiber optic cables that cross oceans and we’ve built megapole just to name a few.

Now imagine that we extend through artificial intelligence systems our capacity to understand, describe and optimize our environments. Imagine that you could not only perceive your immediate surroundings, but a full building. Imagine that you could not only imagine three or four possible variations of your environment, but thousands. Imagine that you could test each of these variations in depth with precise metrics comparisons.

That’s what Extend AI is all about. We’re building artificial intelligence systems that are able to understand, describe and optimize the physical world. Extending businesses and people’s abilities to automate parts of their activities, improve their customer experience and increase the overall efficiency of their operations.

Extend AI

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