ExPretio is a Montreal-based company that offers intelligent and innovative solutions to help ground transport operators maximize their revenues. ExPretio’s Revenue Management solutions are the fruit of years of research in artificial intelligence (AI) that have subsequently been industrialized and sold to major transport operators around the world.

ExPretio’s roots are in Montreal, a world-renowned center of excellence in the field of AI. This fertile ecosystem of academics, researchers, practitioners and industrial partners have allowed ExPretio to continuously industrialize, commercialize, and evolve leading-edge products to meet the needs of the transport industry.

Research and innovation: key ingredients of artificial intelligence
ExPretio’s solutions are the culmination of a close collaboration between researchers, designers, practitioners, and software developers, all of whom draw on decades of experience in their respective fields. A key success factor has been ExPretio’s efforts to always take into account customers’ needs and requests early in the research phase. These requirements are then addressed in the solutions’ functionality and features, designed to ensure success in real-life production conditions.

In addition, ExPretio collaborates directly with Montreal’s renowned universities, as well as with various AI organizations and institutes. Together, they build and industrialize solutions that transport operators can rely on to forecast customer demand every day and optimize prices in real-time.

Artificial intelligence at the heart of revenue maximization
Transport companies need to process large volumes of data to understand and continuously adapt to changing competitive markets through optimal price and asset management. To set the best prices, their analysts rely on historical and current data for each route -a long and labour-intensive process. Thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence and their inclusion in ExPretio’s solutions, transport operators can now automate much of this process even when there are gaps in the data. Their analysts can also rely on ExPretio’s solution to make better tactical and strategic decisions, all the while increasing revenues and improving overall productivity.

ExPretio uses AI latest research and advances to help operators improve their competitiveness in constantly evolving markets. And fiercer competition requires a better understanding of passenger demand through the analysis of their travel intentions (e.g. online search queries) and their actual consumption (e.g. booked trips). AI plays a key role in anticipating and exploiting behavioral demand patterns to adjust inventory and prices accordingly.


ExPretio’s Lab is a hub of innovation where AI is used to enable the development of solutions that meet the needs of customers in their unique and complex contexts. The modules designed and developed by ExPretio’s Lab help operators manage large volumes of data; forecast expected passenger demand; and optimize seat inventories and prices to maximize revenues.

“Our mission is to develop turnkey strategic innovation tools that our customers use to react in real-time in a market with precise and evolving needs.” – Thibault Barbier, Lab Research Director, ExPretio.

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