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With nearly any product a consumer buys today there are literally hundreds of options at their disposal

With nearly any product a consumer buys today there are literally hundreds of options at their disposal. Individual brands, like Nike, now have more options for running shoes than the entire running shoe industry had just 30 years ago. This type of product expansion is happening in every industry, and each of these additional products comes with overwhelming amounts of information. So how can a brand stand out among the competition and make sure its product gets the attention it deserves? And how can a consumer find the product that’s best for their needs? For ExpertVoice, the answer is simple: trusted recommendations.

“As the consumer buying journey continues to evolve, so does a brands ability to scale trusted recommendations from the people consumers are turning to for advice on what to buy” said ExpertVoice CEO Tom Stockham. “Whether online or in-store, consumers need personalized buying advice. The more product knowledge and experience those trusted individuals have, the better recommendations they can provide to the customer and the better experience that customer will have.”

Founded in 2004 as 3point5, Salt Lake City-based ExpertVoice started as an online retail training platform. For years, in the name of improved profitability, retailers had been cutting costs and hiring fewer, less experienced sales reps; and brands were finding it harder to train retailers about their product. Aware that knowledgeable salespeople drive more sales, 3point5 provided brands with product training that retail sales associates could access online.

Today, ExpertVoice is proud to partner with hundreds of prominent brands, thousands of retailers and feature more than one million active users, verified industry professionals and influencers who are passionate, knowledgeable and trusted in their field. They’re the people consumers ask for advice on what to buy. The user base is no longer only retail sales associates, it ranges from members of the military, ski patrol, outdoor guides, firefighters, chefs and more.

Typically, the reach of an expert on ExpertVoice is significantly lower than someone a marketer would consider investing in, such as Kim Kardashian or LeBron James. However, the strength of their recommendations is incredible. In fact, according to a study by Dr. Jonah Berger and the Keller Fay Group, 82% of consumers are highly likely to follow a recommendation made by one of these real-life influencers while another study showed that only 3% trust celebrity endorsements.

ExpertVoice provides members with the product experience and education they need to give better buying advice. They enjoy sneak peeks into upcoming launches, deep dives on the latest innovations and the chance to test new products before they hit store shelves. A study from Marshall Fisher and the Wharton School of Business found that retail sales associates who engaged with brand training on ExpertVoice sold 46% more than those who didn’t train.

Ultimately, a brand’s success depends on what people say about their products – in retail stores, online reviews and on social media. Increasing advocacy is the most impactful way to ensure people recommend that brand more often.

As the world’s largest advocacy platform, ExpertVoice helps brands identify and empower their most influential advocates, giving them the tools they need to authentically promote their products to their target audience.


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