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For a couple years now we have been innovating the Montreal ecosystem. We are the founders of Expandify Marketing Inc., Nicolas Buffone & Jonathan Durante, who worked in the hospitality industry for a combined total of over 10 years and amassed individual DEC’s in both graphic design and business, respectively, which allowed us to develop a strong understanding of the hospitality industry and business world that led to creating a social media marketing company. We acquired knowledge on how the hospitality industry operates and combined it with our cutting-edge digital marketing skills, that resulted in the creation of Expandify Marketing Inc. in October of 2017.

(L-R): Jonathan Durante, Co-Founder, Vice-President and Treasurer and Nicolas Buffone, Co-Founder and President

Today, Expandify Marketing Inc. is a thriving Social Media and Internet Marketing Agency headquartered in Montreal, Canada that is disrupting the digital marketing industry. Expandify Marketing Inc. began with producing food and beverage marketing services for companies in the hospitality industry, and now serves over half a dozen industries including technology and entertainment. Expandify Marketing Inc. provides an all in one digital marketing solution to verified international businesses. Leveraging social media advertising strategies, including graphic design, motion graphics, photography, videography, copywriting, web design, display advertising and more has allowed Expandify Marketing Inc. to deliver tangible results to dozens of satisfied clients. Notably DreamHack Canada, Rock’N Deli, Edible Arrangements, and Party Mania. What makes Expandify Marketing Inc. unique is we take customer relationships very seriously. We enjoy forming bonds with all our clients which creates healthy, long-lasting business relationships. Our pride comes through displaying our client’s beautiful company culture to the masses using tech, imagination, and media!


Our purpose, to bring brands and people closer together using imagination and media, is our corporate responsibility as a company. We are thrilled to contribute to the thriving Montreal entrepreneurial ecosystem. Expandify Marketing Inc. drives innovation through the use of technology and social media. We help companies scale by displaying their company image via social media and the internet, which is an amazing interconnected experience between businesses and consumers that develops into lifelong relationships which positively contributes to the Montreal business and innovation ecosystem

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