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We Are eXmoor. We Are A Leading Technical and Strategic Consultancy Specialising In Cell And Gene Therapies

Cell and Gene therapies are a transformative new category of medicines, with the potential to treat, and even cure many complex, rare, life-limiting, or previously untreatable diseases. Cell and gene therapies are different to “traditional” medicines, and as such have unique manufacturing needs. Many cell therapies for example can involve extracting cells from a patient or donor, modifying them and then re-injecting them into the patient. eXmoor has a depth of experience and expertise specific to Cell & Gene Therapy manufacturing, helping Cell & Gene Therapy developers to accelerate their timelines to manufacture and deliver treatments to patients faster.

We are a safe and experienced pair of hands – our team has more than 500 years’ collective experience in delivering innovative end-to-end GMP cell and gene therapy biomanufacturing projects. Working across three continents we have been supporting businesses commercialise research processes, develop fully licensed facilities and take projects from donation to delivery

We were founded in 2004 and since our inception we have grown steadily thanks to our hands-on approach. Since 2007, we have specialised in cell & gene therapy manufacturing, designing over 31 manufacturing facilities and providing technical and strategic consultancy support to over 120 clients, on over 400 projects.

In 2017 we established laboratory operations in Bristol, in Future Space. We now have 230m2 of laboratory space, providing world-leading process development services. Our scientists and engineers work to enable our clients to manufacture life-changing cell and gene therapies, by designing and developing robust, scalable and cost-effective manufacturing processes

Innovation Enabler
Our approach, strategy, support, succeed has allowed us to collaborate with some of the most innovative cell and gene therapy developers globally. Some of the projects we have supported include; the development of the URB and concept design for Cancer Research UK Biotherapeutics Development Unit; supporting the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Development Facility; providing process and GMP compliance through detailed engineering to Great Ormand Street Children’s Charity Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease; and enabling MeiraGTx Gene Therapy Facility to continue to produce large scale, gene therapy process development and manufacturing.

As testament to our innovation, our CEO, Angela Osborne was awarded the prestigious Donald Medal, by the Institute of Chemical Engineers (ICHemE) earlier this year, in recognition of her pioneering work in the field of cell and gene therapy manufacturing. Angela is the first-ever female recipient of the award.

We listen to your needs and design a project to realise your specific goals and commercial objectives.
We support your project from start to finish; flexibly dynamically and confidentially. We leverage the latest industry, regulatory and technology updates.
We work as a trusted part of your team to manage the successful delivery of your project every step of the way.

The team works with these three values in-mind on every project we collaborate on, and It is a great privilege to support cutting-edge advancements in cell and gene therapies globally.

We are based in the vibrant city of Bristol at the University of the West of England’s (UWE) science, tech and innovation hub, Future Space. Managed by Oxford Innovation (OI) on behalf of the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE).

As a business we are committed to staying in Bristol, the city has a lot to offer, being based in Future Space has allowed us to grow and collaborate with others. We are surrounded by creativity and innovation every day as well as having two world-class universities on our doorstep, providing an
amazing talent pool for us as we grow.

Over the next three years, we will be embarking on an ambitious expansion. We are dedicated to keeping our facilities in Bristol and contributing to the business community as we grow in numbers and size.

To name some of our milestones:

  • We have 122 clients worldwide.
  • 403 individual projects in cell therapy and biopharma.
  • Operating in 13 countries on 3 continents.
  • The eXmoor team has 500 years’ combined experience.
  • We have designed 31 manufacturing facilities globally.
  •  eXmoor co-founded the AMC (Advanced therapy medicinal products Manufacturing Community) to build critical mass and share expertise in ATMP manufacturing. The AMC now has 170 fee-paying members, helping the industry connect.

In this last quarter we have hired six new team members who will help us find and collaborate with other institutions to advance cell and therapy discoveries. We are extremely excited for what 2021 will bring.

The Cell and Gene Therapy sector is growing at an incredible pace, and eXmoor is excited to continue working closely with new and existing clients to help commercialise research processes, develop licensed facilities and ultimately deliver benefits to patients worldwide.

eXmoor Pharma Concepts Ltd

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