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Evren is advancing the treatment of PTSD through bioelectronic medicine. Our flagship device, the Phoenix™, delivers Vagal Nerve Stimulation (taVNS) in an innovative, discreet earbud design.

We aim to be the first medical device for the treatment of PTSD and the first wearable taVNS device in a consumer wireless earbud design.


Four Pillars of Evren Strategy

Bioelectronic Therapy: Providing non-invasive, non-pharmacological neuromodulation solutions for neuropsychological disorders.

Human-Centered Design: Leading the taVNS market by developing an easy-to-use, wearable, consumer-facing device that looks and feels like a consumer electronic wireless earbud.

Personalized Medicine: Each patient’s PTSD presents as a unique combination of symptoms. We offer solutions as unique as our patients, putting the consumer at the center of our strategy.

Therapy Optimization: Big data collection through our products will create opportunities for further therapy optimization. We will refine our algorithms and improve the product, detect and recognize real-world clinical and outcomes, develop clinical insights and trends, and potentially develop predictive capabilities.

Our Technology

The Phoenix™ system includes not only the earbud, but an advanced algorithm that provides personalized therapy by adjusting stimulation based on indicators of stress for the user. The device will be controlled by an app and also include a PTSD symptom journaling component, a clinician portal to monitor patient progress, and the ability to collect (de-identified) big data for future therapy optimization.


How it all started

Blythe Karow and Weaver Gaines met through the entrepreneurial community in Gainesville, FL. Blythe grew up here and, after about 20 years of working in medical device industry, decided to move back to her home town after realizing what a budding biotech area Gainesville had become.

Weaver is a serial entrepreneur who founded multiple companies, most recently OBMedical which sold to Philips in 2018. When Blythe and Weaver finally met, they decided to look together for a technology that could be a passion project for both of them.

Blythe was introduced to the inventors of Evren’s licensed IP from the University of Florida by UF Innovate Tech Licensing and, after hearing about the inventor’s ground-breaking research on taVNS and PTSD, introduced them to Weaver as a potential project.

Weaver Gaines, Co-Founder & CEO

How Evren got its name

Blythe is a mentor for a local program out of UF Innovate called EWITS (Empowering Women in Technology Startups) that helps women become comfortable with entrepreneurship though a 10 week intensive course. This course uses IP from UF and Blythe suggested her team use the IP that Evren now licenses. Through the course, the team working on the project decided to name the product the Evren, which is NERVE backwards. The name was so good, we decided to use it for the real company!

Blythe Karow, Cofounder, President & COO

Our Local Partners

Another close entrepreneur to the Evren family is Neil Euliano, PhD, founder of Convergent Engineering just down the road from Evren. Neil worked with Weaver and OBMedical on their maternal/fetal heart rate monitoring technology and will be leading the development of our closed-loop algorithm as Chief Technology Officer.

Slidewave, a FL based development company, will be developing the apps, clinician portal, and backend system to support our system while Triple Ring Technologies, with a satellite office in Orlando, will be working on the industrial design of the earbud itself.

Our Future

2019 was our founding year, where we saw the establishment of our company, growing our ranks by adding financial, project management, quality, and marketing personnel, finding amazing partners for our product development, being accepted into multiple regional pitch competitions and into the first Guidewell accelerator focused on female-led healthcare startups, putting together extremely supportive and excited Patient and Clinician Advisory Boards, and completing our first round of funding!

We look forward to 2020, in which we will complete our product development, including industrial design and full miniaturization into the wireless earbud design, and kick off our FDA Clinical trial.
Look for us in the market in 2021!

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