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We are developing technology that pioneers the relationship between AI and humanity in a way which unlocks innate healing ability, awakens true potential and creates a more peaceful world, inside and out.


Our Story
Evolve Biologix was founded in 2017 by Steve Curtis, a serial entrepreneur, cancer survivor, business leader, innovator and adventurer with the mission of measuring emotion and quantifying consciousness.
We help people develop resilience to stress and work their way to states of higher enlightenment through emotional understanding, meditation and relaxation techniques, support from thought-leaders and clinical
professionals and a community grown and nurtured through our organization.


Look into your heart
In the ancient world, the heart was considered to be the source of wisdom, intelligence, trust and intuition. While modern medicine has largely shifted the focus to the heart’s anatomical functions, we still use expressions like follow your heart, listen to your heart and look into your heart when it comes to matters of love, meaning, and significance. Recent breakthroughs in science have shed light on the heart’s neurological, biochemical, biophysical, and energetic communication with our bodies and have reminded us one again, to look into our hearts.

At Evolve, we are doing just that – looking into the heart as a source of wisdom, knowledge and healing this time with the benefit of cutting-edge science and technology.

At the core of our platform is a wearable sensor coupled with an App that measures the variability in the rhythm of the heart. Biofeedback allows you to visualize and interact with heart signals in real time and to review patterns and progress. Coupled with a set of guided meditations, breathing exercises, and structured programs, Evolve helps you on your journey to bring about positive change in your life – improving health, happiness, and relationships.

And to assist the task of decoding the messages of the heart, we have developed sophisticated analytical tools backed by powerful AI to identify and analyze moments of powerful emotion. Understanding and states of powerful emotion including moments of stress, moments of peace and
coherence, and moments of bliss assists and nurtures a journey towards a deeper understanding, power, insight, self-knowledge and self-control and ultimately, to deeper happiness.


The road ahead
Our efforts begin with the heart, but do not end there. We are actively engaged in applied research and development of new hardware devices, analytical tools, aids to learning and understanding. Expanding upon the heart’s insights to detecting emotion from other physiological indicators, patterns in voice and facial expression, we continue to forge ahead on our mission to understand and quantify consciousness and to enable people to live their best life

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