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Improving the Quality and Delivery of Complex, Specialized Clinical Trials

ERG maintains its leadership status by uniquely combining expertise in technology, science and medicine to enhance clinical site performanceERG maintains its leadership status by uniquely combining expertise in technology, science and medicine to enhance clinical site performance

Simplifying Complexities

Early stage clinical trial execution is complex and has been considered inefficient by internal and external stakeholders. Yet, over the past decade, the pharma industry’s need for expedited delivery of decision-making data has increased the requirement for early phase studies to deliver specialized data collected from healthy volunteers as well as patient populations.

Historically, these needs were met by sponsors utilizing significant resources to identify, engage and manage a mixture of academic sites and independent investigators.

ERG was among the first in the industry to develop an organizational structure and business model to specifically meet these evolving needs and simplify the sponsor interface. A portfolio of centrally managed, purpose built clinical research units enables ERG to provide the geographic reach required to identify study participants. Centrally managed state of the art technology, training and quality oversight enable ERG to deliver industry leading execution across all sites, while also supporting specialized capabilities at individual units.

Envisioning Solutions

ERG was founded in 2014 by industry veterans with three decades of clinical research experience. The management team, led by President and Chief Executive Officer, Lori T. Wright, shared a common vision for positioning ERG where few non-academic clinical research units existed–to dedicate world class investigators enabled by cutting edge technology and experienced research staffs to the investigation of early drug candidates in support of Phase 1 decision making. All provided to Sponsors via a single point of contact.

ERG continues to both develop and invest in new methodology and technology to identify diverse patient populations and execute research protocols which require specialized assessments (e.g., imaging, cognition testing, EEG/qEEG, PSG, surgical and laboratory procedures).

With its disciplined approach to growth through acquisition, ERG identifies and acquires sites where the principal investigator delivers consistent results, maintains tremendous access to diversified patient populations, and seeks to continue their work. ERG’s hub and spoke structure was implemented to expand the catchment area and patient access, while exploring how best to expand to satellite locations.


Embracing Innovation

ERG believes technology serves to improve performance. With cloud-based infrastructure, ERG ensures scalable computing power and storage. Critical to the current and ongoing technological improvements, ERG provides the highest levels of security and regulatory compliance. The company built a remote platform which enables centralized, remote management of portfolio sites, including cloud-based clinical trial management system, an online training platform, enhanced security cameras, advanced recruitment techniques including mobile application referrals, social media integration and a collaborative telephone system.

By adopting emerging technologies, ERG remains at the forefront of virtual engagement. ERG offers clients a hybrid model which includes remote monitoring visit platform, remote visits/telemedicine, home visits, electronic regulatory documents, and electronic source. Ensuring the needs of each patient population and nuances of individual study designs, ERG balances technology with quality as they evaluate and implement the systems and corresponding policies.

“As the industry evolves and the competitive environment changes, our ERG team continues to advance innovative strategic approaches to improve and diversify our comprehensive clinical service.”

- Lori T. Wright, President and Chief Executive Officer, Evolution Research Group, LLC

ERG enjoys a proven track record of executing complex inpatient and outpatient clinical research trials in specialized populations and healthy volunteers across all age groups. ERG’s expertise includes psychiatric and neurological disorders (CNS), non-CNS indications, and early phase drug development.

Year Founded: 2014
Founded By: Lori T. Wright

Evolution Research Group

430 Mountain Ave, Suite 302
New Providence, NJ 07974

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