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In business and life, growth and change have a way of stretching people and teams beyond what’s comfortable. Evocent offers tailored solutions for executives, leadership teams, and businesses, bringing tried and true leadership and emotional intelligence principles to diverse landscapes—aligning human engagement with critical business objectives and performance indicators so that people and businesses grow stronger together.

Christine M Pouliot, CPCC, PCC, Executive & Leadership Development Coach

Leadership coach Christine Pouliot works with businesses and leaders who understand the value and complexity that people bring to an organization—leaders who want to eliminate losses and pain points, optimize performance and engagement, and elevate individuals who matter. Whether you’re integrating an acquisition, restructuring your organization, implementing a major systems change, or just looking for personal career growth, Christine and the team at Evocent can provide the support you need.

Evocent offers tailored solutions for executives and businesses looking to better align human engagement with critical business objectives. Bringing tried and true leadership and emotional intelligence principles to diverse landscapes, Christine brings a diverse background working with global organizations and deep experience in STEM fields.

For Executive Leaders: While you’re focused on business execution, Evocent gives you an outside perspective on how best to lead effectively and optimize your most valuable and complex resource: people.

For Leadership Teams: You already know that aligning your team under a business plan and vision for the future is critical. Aligning your team under a people plan is just as—if not more—consequential. Evocent will team up with you to equip your management team for critical conversations, cultural sensitivity, and resiliency with new levels of emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

Executive Career Transitions: As a seasoned leader, your moves make waves—in your own life and the lives of others. Whether stepping out, stepping in, or looking for your next big role, Evocent will support you with the practicals and the intangibles—defining your personal brand, establishing a presence, and narrowing in on goals and harnessing your influence.

If you or your business want to grow or stay relevant, change is inevitable, and change affects people at every level. But navigating the human side of change requires much more than a business plan; it requires leadership that will support your team with a vision for the future that will help your people and your business grow stronger together.

About Christine Pouliot:
Christine Pouliot has spent over three decades of her career building and leading teams that are resilient in the face of change and uncertainty. She has experienced firsthand the effects that change can bring to a team or organization and is adept at supporting leaders in identifying and addressing pain points in a human-centered way. “I’ve sat in every seat. As someone who has gone through and supported teams in navigating several transformational changes, I’ve seen firsthand when it’s gone wrong and when it’s gone right. I’ve seen the mistakes. I’ve learned that I have a passion and a talent for seeing how the unforeseen impacts people, and what it takes to be resilient and effective.”

Christine is certified by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

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