EBI Research And Development Is An Innovation And Technology Company That Operates In The Areas Of Certification And Development Of Systems And Platforms For Information Management In The Automotive Sector




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Based in Oeiras, EBI i&D has developed over its 20 years of existence specific references for vertical distribution sectors that include Automotive and Health, to increase the credibility of companies and consequently competitiveness ensuring a higher quality of end customer service.


Our Company also has in its client portfolio companies such as, Santogal Group, Auto Sueco, Auto Industrial, C. Santos, Mercedes Portugal, and we are also in charge of managing several independent workshops networks, which total more than 250 agents in Portugal.

The EBI Group embodies an innovation cluster in which EBI i&D is integrated, composed by the portfolio of trademarks, patents and exclusive concepts developed over the years with the participation of several partners in the financial, technological, higher education and scientific areas.

World Skills – we were the only corporate network in Portugal (EcoOficina) to collaborate in the National Championship of Professions in 2014 and 2016 “We improved the world with the power of skills.”


EBI461/MV-BER – the Only Certification for independent workshops in accordance with the European Regulation “Block Exemption” for the sector, to ensure the completion of the original maintenance service in full compliance with what is required by the car manufacturer to its distribution and assistance networks.

SiGMA – exclusive integrated management software to perform original service according to manufacturer with connection to more than 20 European car constructors.

SAFE – European Anti-Fraud System – the only system for the automotive sector for data fraud prevention and parts fraud Integrated in the MV-BER Certification process.

In terms of innovation for electric mobility, the EBI Group is part of a consortium led by CEEiA to explore and develop the various areas covered by the EVA Concept project.

The EVA Concept covers all areas linked to electric mobility and is currently Europe’s #1 operator as MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and aims to be the largest European private network operator through partnerships already initiated with Europe’s largest charging operators. (Ionity, Allego, etc).

Development of an organizational culture oriented to perform excellence, using a set of reference practices, which enable certified companies to succeed on the path of sustainability, based fundamentally on a new philosophy of innovation management that addresses the economic, environmental, and social dimensions.


Our 15 Specialized Centers for maintenance and repair of electric vehicles have:
• Certified Technicians
• Specific Certified Tools
• IEC Certified Infrastructures
• Electric Vehicle Assistance Compliance

• Network of charging points AC and fast DC mostly in private locations
• 100% Green Energy
• Proximity – Cafes, Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, etc.
• Availability – Always working with a maintenance stop period less than 24H


• Universal payment system for all Europe w/ Roaming system including major European charging networks
• Accepts the main payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, apple Pay, Paypal, etc.)
• The fastest World payment system – we guarantee less than five (5) seconds

The 1st World leisure guide exclusive for EV’s users, where the EVA Network member can choose the best ones:
• Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants
• Parking lots
• Leisure Places
• Clubs (golf, bowling, tennis, dance, etc.)
• All other places you never thought…

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