One of the main ambitions of the European Respiratory Cluster Antwerp (eu.reca), is to facilitate innovation in the respiratory sector. We do so by stimulating the debate among experts with knowledge of modern technology, unmet medical needs and industrial capabilities. Our cluster focuses strongly on the human lung, our activities are related to prevalence of disease, progress in inhaled medication, accuracy of drug deposition, outcomes of treatment and environmental impact on lung health. The main strength of eu.reca is the diversity of our membership. We have attracted both start-ups and big pharma, service providers and investors, patients and medical experts. It helps us detect innovation gaps and reach new insights.


Sharing knowledge
As a network of people with a strong interest in respiratory, eu.reca wants to initiate debate, fuel discussions and stimulate innovation. To that end we have determined several workstreams, each of which is run by an industry expert, our Ambassadors. Within these workstreams we organize webinars, workshops and symposia. An overview of some of our workstreams:

Interested in the many challenges with regard to optimizing formulations for inhalation? This workstream is all about dry powers, inhalers and optimum deposition.

Air Quality
The health impact of pollution and fine particles is uncontested, though the finer mechanics of the process still have to be unravelled by the medical and scientific community. Also, the focus is mostly upon external air and overall pollution, whilst the quality of indoor air is often overlooked.

Respiratory conditions are abundant, on the rise and have a major impact on the quality of life of patients. Within this workstream we focus on existing therapies and how to improve their effect. We look at a respiratory condition from the perspective of integrated care bringing together all stakeholders in an effort to better the condition of patients.

Product Development
A good product is one thing, a successful product is another. Within this workstream we focus on all aspects related to product development from clinical trial design to ‘smart’ devices and even determining newmand more effective biomarkers.

“Oriento SA is a consultancy active in the pharmaceutical industry, more specifically in the respiratory sector. Inhalation therapies are among the most challenging to develop because they require a highly multidisciplinary approach. In addition to working out a well-functioning active ingredient, you need to pay attention to the formulation of your medicine, to the device – think, for example, of a puffer or aerosol – to the follow-through of your patient and many, many other things. The unique thing about an ecosystem like eu.reca is the strong focus on the respiratory field and the opportunities you get to make valuable contacts and gather expertise on all relevant aspects of the development of a respiratory treatment. This has enormous added value for us, because we can easily test projects with all stakeholders: from producers of raw materials to doctors, from product developers to manufacturers. Also a plus is that eu.reca is very committed to continuous learning. The confrontation with new insights keeps you sharp as an entrepreneur”.

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Business support
Apart from sharing knowledge, the eu.reca network also supports start- and scale-ups active in the respiratory field by organising sound board sessions to tackle any hurdles they might face or focus on new and promising opportunities. We also gladly support the investment community by advising them on the large potential of the respiratory sector.

The Science Park University of Antwerp makes space available to innovative companies and is actively promoting the development of a respiratory cluster. In incubator Darwin, start-ups are surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs and various experts who can provide guidance in aspects such as taxation, legal matters and intellectual property.


Would you like to be part of a sounding board for technological innovation within the sector? Are you involved in a start-up or growth company in the respiratory sector? Do you conduct research related to the human lung? Are you a practising doctor? Would you like to be part of our network? Reach us at: [email protected]

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