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Event Tickets Center is an online ticket marketplace built around providing a seamless, simple, stress-free user experience. Continuous development of unique, specially designed data management tools has kept ETC at the forefront of the digital advertising landscape for over 14 years.

ETC has seen great success due to its quick uptake of the latest online marketing tech and strategies, including working closely with Microsoft Advertising (then Bing Ads) product managers to fine-tune several key functionalities of their advertising management interfaces.

ETC’s focus on constantly developing new technology and systems is an edge that has facilitated the company’s development into one of the largest ticket resale marketplaces in the nation.Event Tickets Center, founded by CEO Adam Young in 2005, was forged in the crucible of early Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

Fascinated by the potential of the emerging online ticket industry, Young applied his knowledge of logistics and experience in manufacturing to tap into progressive digital marketing tactics.

Originally a one-person operation based in Orlando, ETC’s opening of an office in Gainesville in 2017 greatly increased the organization’s ability to seize upon industry trends and make large-scale changes in an instant. Event Tickets Center is equal parts developing talent and developing tech.

The company doesn’t shy away from automation, but it takes more than artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to break away from the pack. ETC is a company that uses technology to provide bright minds with the data and tools they need to be effective marketers.

The driving force behind ETC’s innovation is its focus on the user experience. Event Tickets Center’s goal is always to please the user first. A watershed moment in ETC setting itself apart from other online ticket sites happened when it became one of the first e-commerce sites to widely adopt Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology.

The rapid adoption of AMP technology put ETC at the front of the online ticket sales industry by setting a standard for page load speed that its competitors couldn’t compete with.

Likewise, the website has streamlined the online buying process, creating a user-friendly platform that allows visitors to browse by a variety of categories and pick out their seats using an interactive map.

ETC believes that buying tickets should be simple, making it their mission to provide customers with a seamless experience. With the goal of usability in mind, the site also provides important information about venues where events are occurring.

The wealth of information includes seating charts, driving directions, and parking accommodations for thousands of venues across hundreds of cities.

Since 2016, the website has also become a resource for visitors to stay up to date on industry news, implementing a blog that covers a range of topics including the latest artist tour announcements, sports updates, and more. Event Tickets Center prides itself on giving the customer all the information they want, and nothing they don’t.

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