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We paint murals on walls, make music and movies, craft new plays and develop new technologies. This town is full of artists and their inspiration. There isn’t just one form that defines St. Pete. But, the newest event to hit the Sunshine City is on a mission to spotlight the creative and innovation culture coursing through our streets & bring the world to inspire, collaborate, and discover! Et Cultura: a festival, a destination, a culture! Where you can explore a macrocosm of innovative thinking, community action, eclectic music, thought-provoking films, and handcrafted wares, in a city rising to claim its future! Et Cultura - Art Et Cultura - interactive Each November, Et Cultura crafts an event that focuses on 4 highly curated branches: Interactive + Music + Film +Art EtC INTERACTIVE Et Cultura has partnered with the Open Partnership Education Network (OPEN) to design a series of Themed interactive experiences that bring next-level thought leaders and nationally recognized speakers to the festival. These Themes will provide the opportunity for our community here in St. Petersburg to connect with year-round discussions that will engage, entertain, spur discussion and create an opportunity for fresh ideas, collaboration and action. EtC MUSIC rings out from several of St Pete’s Musical Landmarks including Jannus Live, The State Theatre and bars/music venues throughout downtown and up Central Ave with a combination of national, regional and local music touching almost every music genre over the 5-day event! EtC FILM is a chance to discover new people, places and ideas brought to life by the imagination and dedication of the independent filmmakers. Programmed with growing global obsession with short films in mind, our festival is designed to take you on a journey while creating an inclusive environment where filmmakers and audiences can come together during post-film discussions and Q&A sessions. Et Cultura - Live Music event EtC ART pop-ups of varying mediums including Projections Mapping, Photography, Graphic Arts and more are curated by St. Petersburg Arts and Culture businesses and feature not only local artists, but artists from across the country. Find your journey through this collection of creativity and innovation to define your own Et Cultura! Et Cultura _ Logo

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