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Who we are
Esports Africa News is a hub for everything esports In Africa. With gaming on the rise, Africa has become the destination for competitors, organizers, and investors alike.

Our History
As an organization, our modus operandi is fashioned around the concept of the Adinkra symbol, ‘Nkonsonkonson’ also known as Chainlink. A symbol of unity and human relations. A reminder that in unity lies strength. We imbibe concepts of unity, community, and the strength that comes from working together within our organization. We believe we are building a system of possibilities for posterity, keeping in mind the impact and efforts of predecessors. Just gamers going above and beyond to pave way for the future of gaming/ esports through Esports News in Africa.

Brands Under EAN
EAN Game Developer Fund
EAN Store- Merchandise and accessories
EAN Events, Marketing and Advertising Agency
EAN Talent Agency
EAN Game Hub
EAN Game Cards
EAN Predict and win
EAN Game Van
EAN Gaming Portal
Africa Interactive Entertainment Awards
Ghie Awards- Ghana Interactive Entertainment Awards


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