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ESMART Recycling-Has Bench-Marked An Industrialized, Fully Scalable White Glove Solution To Recycle Computers


eSmart Recycling has bench-marked an industrialized, fully scalable white glove solution to recycle computers, electronics and end of life IT equipment from large companies while being cognizant of protecting our precious planetary ecosystems. The game-changing model blends industry-leading operational and logistical competencies that engage seamlessly with underfunded, urban clusters. Bold, daring and empathetic, eSmart’s award-winning community driven social enterprise has, in record time, powered past market peers to be at the cutting edge of solving a chronic, socioeconomic need on the national and international stage. Our passionate belief is to be part of an evolutionary movement that can educate every single child without adding to any Global Federal Budget. The relentless desire in reaching out to the goodwill of the local community while embedding sustainable business practices has created a ripple effect among forward-thinking companies who have partnered with eSmart to tackle the global problem that is perceived as the ‘palliative, digital divide’. Improving core literacy and re-enforcing the importance of pre-workforce readiness through access to technology, we believe, is a patriotic duty of all Americans. It is in this context that eSmart Recycling actively supports creating an agile, 21st-century international economy that is vital for the next generation to achieve their full potential. The eSmart Initiatives™ team embraced this idea from a standing start in 2014 while expanding their Americas footprint with tier one tech incubators in Venezuela and Peru.

Tony Selvaggio CEO/Founder

 These groundbreaking programs demonstrate unequivocally that occupational and geographic immobility is no longer a valid excuse in seeking to shape the horizons of tomorrow’s leaders. Our multi-lateral crusade to end the cycle of poverty by 2030 has enabled us to purposefully overpower traditional myths covering business growth, client reach and wider civic engagement. eSmart’s ‘Big hairy goals’ reflect inspirational geopolitical partnerships that culminated in the ‘2020 One Million Laptops Campaign’. Today, we continue to receive Equipment from across the Americas and work tirelessly towards 2030. One laptop can impact the lives of 10 children. Think twice before trashing your old IT equipment as together, we can be the change we wish to see.

www.esmartrecycling.com www.onemillionlaptops.com @esmartrecycling @tselvaggio #TechForTheKids

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