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Ericsson has been a critical part of Canada’s innovation and R&D story for 69 years. We are committed to driving the country’s digital agenda through turning-point technologies such as 5G. This means enabling Canada’s industries and service providers to lead on the world stage, supporting major service providers on their path to nationwide 5G rollout and collaborating with leading players from across academia and the wider industry.

Ericsson is committed to Canada and ensuring digital inclusion for all Canadians. We have invested $6.8 billion in R&D in Canada and employ more than 2,800 people across the country. Our Canadian employees have contributed more than 2,000 patents to the company’s global patent portfolio. We work with more than 20 of the country’s top universities and colleges and are part of Canada’s collaborative platform.

The call for 5G
Networks need to run at the highest possible performance, but they must also be ready for the future. The pandemic has made it clear that upgrading to 5G is more critical than ever. 5G, with its added scale and latency benefits, can more effectively support the demands of this new normal—more people working from home, robust mission-critical services and improved security. Service provider networks in Canada are meeting demands today, but it is necessary to continue evolving for the future. To that end, Ericsson is investing heavily in Canada to ensure our 5G network infrastructure is ready.

As a leader in 5G rollouts, with state-of-the-art 5G R&D centres and offices in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, we are working closely with universities, partners, Canadian telecommunications leaders and the Canadian government to roll out a secure 5G network for the entire country. We are also a major partner of ENCQOR, a transformational Canada-Québec-Ontario partnership to develop and test 5G solutions that could reinvent how we work today. We partner with innovation ecosystems, universities and 5G labs all over the country to drive innovation where we live. The goal is to help Canada better resist the economic impacts of a disaster and transform our networks to facilitate Canadian leadership in the economies of the future.

Keeping networks running and people connected
Our team at Ericsson is making sure people can focus on their health, families and work, and not worry about their network. We are committed to keeping networks at their highest performance possible and helping our service providers respond quickly to customer needs so they can be more agile and responsive in times of crisis. We continue to build and strengthen Canada’s 5G network infrastructure so that all Canadians can stay connected and operate effectively and productively in any eventuality.

Shaping the future
As an industry and society, we must work together to ensure a sustainable and connected future, because what we do today sets the foundation for what’s possible tomorrow. Ericsson’s purpose and vision set out the power of mobile connectivity to deliver positive change, and the focused role that Ericsson will play in shaping that change to create a better world.

We created the technology that first connected people and will soon connect everything. But our role as a connector and orchestrator also means more—from being a key contributor to the open standards that enable our industry; to providing innovation environments to shape and prove new solutions; to driving global partnerships that scale the impact of technology for positive change.

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