Innovation Is Our Home

THE ENTRY HALL: in the beginning there was a fax

ERA means Electronic Realty Associates, but it might as well simply mean innovation. It all started, 50 years ago, with a massive tech revolution: a fax machine. That’s right, we also barely remember life before e-mail, but at that time Jim Jackson had already had enough of the delays of traditional mail. Thus, he decided to fund a company based on fax, and the quick and high-quality service it unblocked.

(right to left) – Ana Ramos (ERA Oeiras) | Bruno Mendes (ERA Paço de Arcos/Caxias) | Pedro São João (ERA Algés/Miraflores and ERA Linda-a-Velha) | Pedro Serradas (ERA Carnaxide/Queijas)

THE STUDY: setting the standards

Our innovation and entrepreneurial DNA has never crumbled, and it has led the company to evolve to Realogy Franchise Group, the global leader in the real estate franchising segment. From Data Science to Metasearch Engines, including AI-powered chatbots that help match the right people to the right properties (in Portugal also known as vERA), ERA will always be at the forefront of innovation, building the future of the real estate market.

THE KITCHEN: Rolling up our sleeves

Widely known across the country as a home selling machine, ERA Portugal is also in the business of startup mass production. In 23 years, we created more than 390 new companies, where each entrepreneur has continuous access to training in business management, leadership, marketing and new technologies – no wonder ERA is also recognized as the Portuguese school of real estate mediation. Undeniably, this mindset was crucial to face all challenges the pandemic has brought.

THE LIVING ROOM: all together now

In addition to PropTech and a customized high-end CRM software, ERA Portugal has also disrupted the market with service quality and pioneering products, such as the ERA Warranty, the first and only free insurance in the Portuguese market for second-hand homes. Our story is also built on the successful journeys of its employees and partners, with countless examples of self-made business owners or salespeople who are now team leaders or coaching several teams. Gender equality has already been accomplished on all staffing positions, and leadership positions led by women at ERA have been continuously on the rise.

In the municipality of Oeiras, there are five agencies representing our network, a reference in the real estate market, working tirelessly to make sure that every family finds their home, that every estate is valued and every entrepreneur finds the perfect business location.


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