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25 Years of Sustainability Leadership
Over two decades ago, ERA Environmental Management Solutions began helping industries comply with an increasing number of new environmental regulations from the government. “The Clean Air Act in the U.S. was being amended, which meant that industries would have to do a lot more record-keeping and reporting,” explains Gary Vegh, co-founder of ERA. “We got into the business doing air permit applications, but we knew the future would be in compliance software.”

Sarah Sajedi and Gary Vegh, ERA’s co-founders, were among the first entrepreneurs to begin developing EHS software that would set the pace for the environmental reporting industry with new technology dedicated to accurate reporting for industries and regulators. Together they had a vision: to offer reliable, user-friendly software tools to help businesses quantify their environmental impact and simplify their environmental, health, safety, and compliance management. Today ERA uses an innovative cloud platform for global manufacturers to automate management of air, water, waste, Health & Safety, Safety Data Sheets, Risk Assessment/Management, sustainability, and organizational change. Their clients include nearly every major automotive manufacturer across the globe, as well as dozens of other industry sectors.

A Team with True Scientific Expertise
In alliance with the government’s Biotalent and PRIIME job placement programs, ERA fosters jobs in local Montreal in the Biotech industry. Additionally, in a joint venture with Concordia and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, ERA sponsors graduate students to work at ERA. ERA believes that investing in energetic, inspired young people is the right thing to do for the next generation of leaders and to deliver the best results to our clients. ERA also has two scholarships with Concordia University through the annual ERA Environmental Bursary supporting students entering the sciences, engineering, and computer sciences.

ERA continues its work with the environmental industry by pushing businesses to embrace corporate sustainability. ERA is expanding its scope by providing a comprehensive platform to track and report corporate sustainability, including carbon footprint, energy consumption, social sustainability, supply chain sustainability, environmental impact, recycling, and more. In partnership with Miel MTL, ERA’s current sustainability project is to improve the number of pollinator species in the face of record global decline of bee species. ERA installed two beehives, contributing to Miel MTL’s collective 400,000 plus honeybees with an estimated one hundred million flowers being visited and pollinated each year.

As environmental scientists, ERA scientists know that proper tracking is key to this project’s success. Using their in-house sustainability software, ERA tracks biodiversity progress and analyze trends to find ways to improve Montreal and with time the world.

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