> EPAM Systems: A Global End-To-End Digital Services Company

With successive waves of Technology-led business change, Epam has continued to Extend, Expand and Deepen its capabilities, moving from software engineering to product development to digital platform engineering and orchestration, to today becoming a global end-to-end Digital Services Company.

In 1993, long before the term ‘startup’ was pervasive, Arkadiy Dobkin founded EPAM Systems as a specialist software engineering company with roots in the deep maths and sciences traditions of the former Soviet Union. Throughout the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, EPAM’s strength in delivery and Engineering DNA became the main engine driving growth, extending the customer reach beyond commercial software makers to encompass early digital adopters in global enterprises.

EPAM’s growth story is unique among competitors. While traditional outsourcing firms focused on legacy systems and BPO, and management consultancies worked on business process definition, EPAM doubled down on Agile Engineering as its primary differentiator, learning from pioneers like Google and SAP and investing heavily in building a globally distributed people, projects and productivity infrastructure that delivers significant advantages to the company. With over 200 global clients, 160 partners and over 26,000 professionals in 28 countries, EPAM continues to exhibit industry-leading growth, while continually evolving its offerings to meet the complex challenges of clients across a number of strategic verticals.

By integrating acquisitions in a number of key geographies, as well as companies specializing in Design, Digital Experience, Data and Product Innovation, EPAM’s truly hybrid teams bring value to clients through a full spectrum of services from Consulting, to Design, To Engineering, Operation, and Optimization.

Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO & President

“We began EPAM by working with professional software houses, not only learning cutting-edge technology platforms but also understanding how to build next-gen solution teams,” said Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO & President of EPAM. “From how we design our working environments to how we roll out distributed agile, we took their best thinking and applied it to our own increasingly diverse and large team of professionals. We understood early on that to truly deliver solutions to complex business challenges, we needed to have the right skills in Design, Analytics, Cloud, Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. But our biggest insight, and what drives our growth today, is our focus on building the right teams, stressing the need for seamless collaboration and relying on a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving – we call them Hybrid Teams.”

EPAM, headquartered in Newtown, PA, has made a home in one of the most vibrant and dynamic innovation economies in the country. Early acquisitions brought not only a digital flavor, but also a solid base in several Innovation Hubs in the region, extending EPAM’s core services by adding deep data, digital experience, design, and Innovation-as-a-Service competencies.

“When our teams explicitly focus on innovation, we see serious results born out of fresh approaches to business problems combined with advanced architecture and agile engineering practices,” said Dobkin. “And when our clients experience the type of breakthroughs that EPAM engagements can deliver, we become their long-term partner for innovation.”

EPAM Systems

41 University Drive Newtown
PA 18940

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