Launching the Extraordinary Research and Innovation from the University of British Columbia (UBC) Into Transformative Companies that will Change the World.

[email protected] propels UBC innovations out into the world through entrepreneurship and venture creation, providing UBC students, researchers, faculty members, alumni and staff with the resources, networks, facilities and funding they need to succeed

As one of the world’s top 40 research universities with 80,000 students, faculty, and staff and over $650 million in annual research funding, UBC has long been a catalyst for innovation. [email protected] supports UBC ventures and entrepreneurs to generate social and economic impacts in BC and around the world. As part of the Innovation UBC network, it encompasses entrepreneurship programs across both its Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, and has created an expansive footprint of entrepreneurial leaders province wide. To date, ventures that have been supported by [email protected] in Vancouver and the Okanagan have raised more than $221 million in funding, generated more than $30 million in revenue and created over 500 jobs, stimulating the economic and social landscape of BC while building anchor companies that have a global impact.

UBC is a world class university and bedrock of innovation at the heart of Vancouver’s booming tech sector. [email protected] was launched in 2013 to help mobilize this innovation into commercially viable entities and to translate the university’s leading-edge research into tangible impact. UBC is consistently recognized for its global impact and was recently ranked the #1 university for both Climate Action and Life Under Water and #7 globally for overall impact in the 2020 Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings based on the UN sustainable development goals. A key component of UBC’s innovation ecosystem, [email protected] provides research-led and high-potential ventures with the industry expertise, practical business training, and deep mentorship to develop discoveries into viable ventures.

As part of Innovation UBC, [email protected] builds pathways between the university, research and brilliant entrepreneurs coming out of UBC, launching their innovations into transformative and investable companies generating real economic impact for B.C. while leading the scientific and technological evolution of our world.

- Kari LaMotte, Managing Director, [email protected]

[email protected] is guided by its mandate of supporting undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, staff and alumni to develop as innovators, and helping them to build transformational ventures that positively shape the economy and society. Cultivating real world intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial leadership, [email protected] advances innovation from the ground up, ranging from student entrepreneurial development to end-to-end venture creation through its incubator and HATCH Accelerator programs.

Building Ventures by Mobilizing Knowledge

The [email protected] venture building journey spans from ideation to launch and funding. The program inspires, educates and builds entrepreneurial innovators, giving founders a platform to validate their venture through incubator streams that transform research knowledge in areas such as health science innovations, climate solutions and marketplace disruptions into tangible companies that can drive global change. Venture teams are guided through company building by industry thought leaders, which is further elevated by the active participation of over 300 mentors and subject matter experts from Vancouver’s innovation community.

The program accelerates ventures who are innovating in their industries, like ChopValue, a sustainable company manufacturing beautiful home decor and furniture from recycled chopsticks through their unique microfactory franchise model, set to expand worldwide. Similarly, alumni Aspect Biosystems is pioneering in the microfluidic 3D bioprinting of human tissues, having leveraged [email protected]’s venture building expertise to translate their research into an enduring biotechnology company, that is now an integral part of the province’s thriving life sciences industry.

In collaboration with UBC’s Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS), the HATCH Accelerator program is for ventures ready to scale. Bringing together a spectrum of university expertise, high tech spaces and industry knowledge, the program creates unparalleled experiences for UBC entrepreneurs. Ventures have access to 10,500+ square feet of office and makerspace, that houses state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment to take their cutting-edge innovations to the next level. Founders are further supported by established Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs) who bring a wealth of industry expertise, broad professional networks and real-world business acumen to their venture building journey.

Critical to early stage company building, [email protected]’s Concept Fund and the UBC Seed Fund help to get promising startups off the ground and close the gap in funding between basic research and investable ventures. These funds breathe life into these ventures, giving them the financial runway while in R&D to transform and flourish outside of the university into solutions that generate social, economic, environmental, cultural and health impacts.

Venture graduates of [email protected] evolve into leaders altering the foundation of our world, creating solutions that challenge the status quo. HATCH Accelerator alumni CarboNet is changing the way we treat water, working with [email protected] to build a company around their novel NanoNet technology that sustainably and economically removes contaminants from water. Likewise, alumni Acuva is empowering customers globally to produce safe drinking water through their advanced UV-LED disinfection systems with microbial disinfection rates up to 99.9%, eliminating the need for plastic water bottles.

Through venture building programs and multidisciplinary collaborations, [email protected] unlocks innovation to create the next wave of companies and leaders that grow to make a meaningful impact worldwide.

Our Network Effect

As part of the Innovation UBC network within the Vice-President, Research and Innovation (VPRI) portfolio, [email protected] continues UBC’s proud track record of translating research discoveries into impacts. The Innovation UBC network helps researchers and their partners to generate these impacts by guiding them through the most effective channels including venture building; patenting and licensing; or forming new partnerships with industry, government, non-profit or community networks. Through these channels [email protected] alongside UBC’s University Industry Liaison Office, Innovation Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange teams support the creation of new technologies, services, treatments and policies.

[email protected] has facilitated cross-disciplinary partnerships across the university’s Vancouver and Okanagan campuses with the Sauder School of Business, the School of Biomedical Engineering, the Faculty of Applied Science, the Faculty of Science, the Irving K Barber Learning Centre, Ecoscope, ICICS, and more. These partnerships help to connect early stage companies with the diverse range of expertise and resources critical to their success. At the provincial level, it has built robust partnerships with InnovateBC, Genome BC, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, Triumf, and the BC Tech Association, amongst others, centralizing [email protected] as a key driver and contributor to Vancouver’s innovation community. a thriving innovation ecosystem home to thousands of entrepreneurs and startups ready to change the world: [email protected] is at the forefront of this innovation, leveraging UBC’s top talent, research and resources to create phenomenal experiences and outcomes for UBC entrepreneurs.

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