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The University of Florida’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center (EIC) was established in 2000 in the Warrington College of Business with a campus-wide mission to teach, coach, and inspire students to be entrepreneurial in their lives and pursue opportunities and innovations in the startup, social, and corporate arenas. Through impactful, empowering and transformative courses, degree programs, co-curricular programming, and community engagement activities, EIC serves more than 3,500 individuals each year.

Our purpose is to instill in students across the UF campus a deep appreciation for “entrepreneurship as a life philosophy” by providing an innovative and integrative educational experience while creating opportunities for students to act on this philosophy. The program has been built around two core precepts: “every student an entrepreneur” and “total entrepreneurial immersion.

” Our fundamental objective is to help every student on campus recognize their innate entrepreneurial potential and facilitate them acting on that potential. Further, we believe students should ‘live, eat and sleep’ emphasis is placed on the creation of growth-oriented, innovative for-profit and not-for-profit ventures, students are encouraged to apply their entrepreneurial potential to family firms, established corporations, public sector organizations, and within any discipline or professional field.

We have adopted a competency-based approach to structuring and assessing all aspects of our program and focus on 13 unique entrepreneurial competencies to complement traditional managerial competencies. All of these competencies are designed into courses and co-curricular programming and include topics such as opportunity identification, risk mitigation, resource leveraging, value creation, and creative problem solving.

In addition, we offer five degree and minor programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, representing a comprehensive set of formal entrepreneurship educational experiences:

  • Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship
  • Thomas S. Johnson Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Minor in Entrepreneurship
  • DBA Emphasis in Entrepreneurship

With a strong focus on experiential learning, we expect over 50% of student learning to happen outside the traditional classroom. Toward this end, we coordinate a mix of co-curricular programs, and require all students in our degree programs to maintain entrepreneurial experience portfolios. Examples of our co-curricular and cross-campus programs include:

  • Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows Program
  • Jeff Gold Experiential Learning Laboratory
  • Gator Hatchery Student Incubator
  • Big Idea Business Plan Competition
  • Entrepreneurship and Empowerment in South Africa Program

  • Student Entrepreneurship Collective
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium
  • TEDxUF
  • Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program
  • Silicon Valley Immersion Program
  • The Gator 100
  • Disabled Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP)
  • Gainesville Entrepreneurship & Adversity Program (GEAP )
  • Gatornest Consulting
  • Social Impact and Sustainability Program
  • Innovation Fellows Program

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