Exceptionally Effective, Wearable Device to Solve Disabling Chronic Pain




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High Frequency Impulse Therapy (HFIT)

A device to help you solve persistent pain without drugs or surgery. ENSO can be placed to treat most common pain areas. It is comfortable to wear while performing daily tasks or exercising. The battery lasts for up to 5 hours of use and is rechargeable.

ENSO HFIT™ is a non-invasive device shown in double-blind clinical trials to reduce pain by 56% and deliver clinically effective relief for 86% of patients.

How ENSO HFIT™ Works

ENSO HFIT™ delivers electric pulses with high frequency components which have been shown in nerve ion channels studies to deliver a nerve block-like effect. The therapy produced lower activation voltages, faster inactivation and faster reactivation indicating overall reduced hyperexcitability of nerve cells.

ENSO HFIT™ also delivers non-noxious stimuli using low frequency electrical pulses which deliver paresthesia and stimulate the release of endogenous opioids to reduce pain.

The ENSO smartphone app lets you control your ENSO HFIT™ device and switch between multiple ENSO HFIT™ devices.

Is Enso covered by insurance?
ENSO HFIT™ is covered nationally by workers compensation insurers and VA hospitals. If you are a veteran or have a work-related injury please ask your physician to reach out to us so we can send you a device that is covered by your insurance. We are actively working to expand insurance coverage to include Medicare and other major insurance providers.

How long should each treatment be?
Each patient and pain situation is unique but we generally recommend using ENSO HFIT™ for 4 hours per day (at least 1 hour per treatment) for the first few weeks to obtain optimal relief from the treatment.

What are the risks of using Enso device?
You shouldn’t use ENSO HFIT™ if you are pregnant, with severe epilepsy, or have any electronic implant. It’s not intended to use on any areas above the neck.

Is there a warranty on my Enso device?
Yes, ENSO HFIT™ is under warranty for a full year from the date of purchase.

How long is a typical treatment session with Enso?
Each patient and pain situation is unique. On average people with moderate to severe chronic pain use ENSO HFIT™ for 3-4 hours per day to get relief throughout the day.


“ENSO has been great in helping my patients reduce or avoid pain medications.”

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