The nuclear electrical engineering expert of the ENGIE Group supporting the South West to reach its zero-carbon transition through its unique expertise and its innovation spirit

In 2019, ENGIE Ineo Nuclear invested in Bristol to bring its extensive experience to the Hinkley Point C project dedicated to providing 7% of the UK’s electricity and help Britain to achieve net zero.

In 2021, the newly incorporated company secured a five-year £50+ million contract thanks to its unique capabilities. A significant part of this value will be reinvested in the local area through job creations and procurement with local industrial partners.

We believe the South West region brings great opportunities in terms of industrial challenges through massive projects currently being delivered, as well a reliable and experienced local network of industrial suppliers that we can rely on.

Moreover, the region and Bristol are great locations to live.

ENGIE Ineo Nuclear is the nuclear electrical engineering expert of the ENGIE group. We support the nuclear industry through our extensive expertise based on decades of lessons learnt and our innovation spirit.

We are able to deliver large turnkey projects through design, engineering, calculations, manufacturing, qualification, installation, on-site supervision, testing and commissioning, maintenance, obsolescence management and decommissioning.

Our core businesses are low voltage and high voltage electrical, cable and cable tray routing, installation security, radiation protection and nuclear safety, IT and comms, instrumentation and control and multi-technical maintenance.

ENGIE Ineo Nuclear can address the whole nuclear sector and provide its extensive expertise on all types of nuclear sites including nuclear power plants, uranium cycle plants, radioactive waste storage facilities, fusion research facilities, research reactors or nuclear submarines.

We are supporting the UK in achieving its net zero transition by bringing our extensive experience of large international nuclear projects and investing in new critical engineering capabilities in Bristol.

Thanks to its innovation spirit, ENGIE Ineo Nuclear has supported its industry sector through several innovations bringing value for money, economy of scale, safety, reliability and optimisation to its projects.

It has developed new full 3D in-house engineering and design tools allowing to optimise project design, quantities, supply management, installation works, commissioning, operation and maintenance. This new approach is based on ENGIE Ineo Nuclear’s extensive lessons learnt from on-site works management and design expertise, as well as collaborative database and on-site monitoring.

We also brought a newly green approach, innovations and cost performance to decommissioning issues through innovative ways of tackling our clients’ most critical challenges. This unique approach is based on refurbishment, reverse engineering, resale and recovery of equipment.

ENGIE Ineo Nuclear has also been able to develop what we call “maintenance engineering”: a new approach merging dozens of maintenance contracts into a single one while sharing risks with its clients.

• 2016 : ENGIE Ineo Nuclear was selected as preferred bidder to deliver its unique capabilities to support critical projects in the UK

• 2018 : Creation of a dedicated team to support projets in the South West

• 2019 : Investment in new critical capabilities in the South West
o Incorporation of a new limited company
o Hiring local and highly qualified workers in Bristol

• 2021 : Official signature of our £50+ million contract for a five-year period

• Our next step :
o Development of an additional highly qualified team in Bristol and Somerset based on our unique experience

ENGIE Ineo Nuclear

0117 332 6808
33 Colston Avenue
Bristol – BS1 4UA

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