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Energy Insight’s mission can be summed up in seven words: Delivering energy savings that make business sense. This simple phrase drives every aspect of its work. The Chanhassen-based company designs, administers, and implements innovative utility energy conservation programs and works directly with businesses of all sizes to reduce energy usage and lower costs for sustainable savings and long-term financial success.

“I firmly believe if more companies understood the value of energy efficiency, it would be a top priority in the business world,” said Matt Haley, Vice President and founder of Energy Insight. A US Navy veteran with decades of experience in commercial energy analysis, he formed Energy Insight as a new kind of company in the energy-efficiency field—one committed to demonstrating the business case for energy efficiency along with its sustainability benefits.

Energy Insight takes an innovative approach to energy conservation and management with targeted services that strengthen the bottom line of businesses while helping utilities meet mandated efficiency goals and reducing the need for new generation plants. It specializes in utility energy efficiency program development and staffing, commercial and industrial energy analysis, project design reviews, rebate and incentive calculations, ENERGY STAR® benchmarking, building operator and  contractor training, research of energy-saving technologies, and measurement and verification to validate energy savings.

The company currently works with more than two dozen electric and natural gas utilities in Minnesota, delivering effective conservation improvement programs that empower commercial and industrial utility customers to use energy more effectively. Its team of engineers, energy analysts, project managers, direct install specialists, and support personnel interacts with more than 10,000 commercial and industrial utility customers each year, helping them identify and implement energy-saving projects. Combined annual energy savings are around 80 million kilowatt hours of electricity and 50,000 dekatherms of natural gas. This is the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from 12,574 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

Strong communication is vital. Energy Insight takes considerable time during on-site walk-throughs to educate customers about their existing systems and point out potential energy-saving opportunities. This educational component is critical to any successful energy audit  and greatly improves the likelihood that recommendations will be  implemented.

Another key to Energy Insight’s success is an extensive professional network that includes hundreds of working relationships with vendors, manufacturers, engineers, contractors, and utilities. Its base of experience,  connections within the local industry, and commitment to impartiality keep Energy Insight  well positioned to successfully carry out services  for some of Minnesota’s largest public utilities and numerous municipal utilities across the state.

“It takes a lot of hard work to build relationships, get to know customers’ needs, and earn their trust,” Haley said. “We are working with utilities, customers, and other stakeholders, bringing people together, so they are comfortable doing projects today and perhaps in the future as well.”

In addition to utility conservation programs, Energy Insight works directly with businesses and organizations that want to make energy-efficiency improvements, access conservation rebates and incentives, or simply understand and better manage the way they use energy. A growing slate of specialized services includes predominant use/sales tax exemption studies, compressed air leak studies, steam trap studies, and ASHRAE assessments, analyses, and audits.

Honest energy assessments and detailed analyses can be powerful tools for improved profitability. This is how Energy Insight demonstrates the connection between energy efficiency and good business.

Energy Insight, Inc.

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