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The innovative and even daring character that has always characterized Endesa is the same that, 28 years ago, led this company to enter in Portugal. Since the pioneering projects of almost three decades ago (for which there were no precedent), Endesa established a permanent operation in Portugal, which has walked along with the history of the national energy sector itself, undoubtedly one that has been transformed the most in Portugal.

Endesa’s arrival in Portugal began in 1993, with the participation as a shareholder in Central Térmica do Pego (Pego Power Plant), located in the Concelho de Abrantes.

Central do Pego was the first and most relevant Project Finance in southern Europe. It was the largest cross-border transfer made in Europe in 1993.

Endesa Portugal is a determining element in the country’s economy, reaffirming itself as the second largest electricity marketer, with a sustained growth in its market shares, both in electricity and natural gas.

Power production in Portugal

Endesa has stakes, as a shareholder, in two coal and gas plants (in the companies Tejo Energia and Elecgas).

Endesa’s assets in Portugal add up to 1,483 MW of installed capacity under the ordinary regime, distributed through its stakes in Tejo Energía (628 MW) and Elecgas (855 MW).

Power marketing in Portugal

Endesa is confirmed as the second operator in Portugal and continues to increase its market shares, both in electricity and natural gas. Recently, the company reached 500,000 clients in Portugal, considering individuals and companies.

This relevant milestone has been achieved through purely organic growth, something that no other energy marketer has achieved in the Iberian market. In global electricity consumption, Endesa holds the second position (17%). In natural gas, according to the regulator, Endesa has the second position by consumption, with 12%.

Nuno Ribeiro da Silva General Manager, Endesa Portugal

Focus on Digitization and Innovation

In all segments, Endesa is highly focused on digitization and innovation, to improve the customer experience in all contacts with Endesa. For example, in residential clients, it launched the interactive digital invoice years ago, a digital invoice that serves as an app to carry out the main procedures. Also recently, it launched the new paper invoice with a clearer, simpler and easier to understand layout that incorporates a QR code, so that customers can easily carry out their transactions online.

Energy Services: Innovation with Endesa X Portugal
ENDESA X was recently established in Portugal.

ENDESA X in Portugal will be an aggregator of various innovative solutions allowing customers to improve their energy efficiency and be an active part of the energy system as a whole.

Development and focus on renewable energy

Endesa has resumed its commitment in Portugal to the production of electricity from renewable energies, with a special focus on solar energy. Recently, Endesa Generación Portugal – a subsidiary of Endesa – won a batch of 99 MW of solar power in the second renewable energy auction promoted by the Portuguese Government. The plant will be developed, built and operated by the renewables company of Enel Group’s, Enel Green Power, and will constitute the Group’s first renewable project with storage in the Iberian Peninsula.

With this adjudication we confirm our dedication to the growth of the renewables in the Iberian Peninsula, this time in Portugal, a key market for our business.

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