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Encast makes engaging with people, businesses, and causes easy, meaningful, and fun: uplifting personal interactions, workplace culture, and brand affinity all at once.


The Problem
Millennials, who will become half of the American workforce by 2020, seek strong culture, purpose in their job, and social impact. It costs $30 billion/year to replace and retrain unsatisfied millennials, who leave every 18 months (compared to 36 months for others). Furthermore, 91% of customers expect businesses to do more than turn a profit.

Culture is a Competitive Advantage
Culture-forward businesses, such as many of Fortune’s 500 Best Companies to Work For, exemplify the fact that those who put their people first outperform others. Those that give their people a higher purpose, other than profit, perform even better.

Increasingly, companies that coalesce around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) build more engaged workplaces and experience up to a 13% increase in productivity, a 25-50% reduction in attrition, and a 20% increase in profitability (http://projectroi.com).

Elevating Engagement, Retention, and Brand
Encast’s goal is to help businesses create and maintain flourishing cultures, have engaged and productive people, retain talent, enhance community engagement, and improve customer experiences.

Strong workplace culture has become a critical trait for businesses of all sizes. It is especially important for small to medium-sized businesses, who often struggle to attract and retain top talent. Competing on compensation and benefits isn’t possible for all businesses. Fostering a great culture is.

Encast’s mission is to support great cultures by fostering relationships through common values and enhancing CSR. We accomplish this by learning about an individual’s passions through their philanthropy. Contributions of time, money, and goods tells you a lot about what matters to someone. This makes philanthropy – embraced by 63% of Americans – a great source for values. Encast’s insights help businesses develop and maintain strongly aligned culture, customer experience, and community programs.

Encast makes it fun and meaningful for people to engage with each other and the causes they love. Encast provides a convenient and streamlined way for individuals to donate to any cause, fee-free, and track volunteer hours. Machine learning connects like-minded co-workers and helps even the greenest do-goodness give like seasoned philanthropists.

Encast was built for businesses of any size, in any industry. Furthermore, it was architected to enhance campaigns of any type. By embedding Encast into customer experiences, it can elevate point of sale, e-commerce, financial services, education, mobile, hardware, and other interactions. This makes Encast the only platform of its kind: capable of giving businesses holistic insights into their team, customers, partners, and community.

Mobile and web apps, machine learning, and best-of-breed third-party integrations, such as Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and VolunteerMatch, provides almost 1.8 million causes – to which staff can donate fee-free via payroll deductions, company grants, and ACH contributions – and hundreds of thousands of volunteer opportunities. Encast tracks volunteerism and consolidates a single, yearly giving receipt for tax deductions. Built-in intelligence learns and recommends, helping even the newest givers act like seasoned philanthropists.

Encast is a HUB-pending business, which furthers our partners’ and clients’ D&I initiatives.


Fee-free donations: 100% of every donation gets to their intended causes

  • Mobile-first: iOS App (Android pending)
  • Machine Learning: helps even the greenest do-gooders act like seasoned philanthropists
  • Lifetime user accounts: Manage social impact in one place and take it everywhere you go
  • User Agnostic: Engage employees, contractors, board members, and anyone else who influences your culture
  • Turn key: Deploys in less than an hour; less than 15 minutes/month to maintain
  • Future proof: Encast was built from the ground up to support any philanthropic campaigns. Start with Workplace Philanthropy, then seamlessly incorporate Encast into customer experience


Encast will drive up philanthropic contributions of time (26% of Americans volunteer), money (63% donate), and goods among the 208 million Americans (employed and contracted) in the workforce. Roughly 2.3% of gross domestic income is currently spent on charitable giving. As we expand into other channels and go global, we also expect to provide solutions for children in an effort to prepare them for a life of respect and appreciation for others and greater awareness of the social needs of communities near and far.

Less than 10% of Americans use technology to give and volunteer in the workplace. By providing compelling and easy to deploy solutions for small to medium-sized businesses through self-onboarding and partner integrations, we expect to significantly increase the number of businesses employing CSR, individuals who support the social sector, and relationships forged around common values.


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