BATTLE RACING: A New Combat Motorsport Built for Drivers, Designed for Gamers… THE NEXT EVOLUTION OF RACING

Emotional Ideas, inc. aka EI, is a sports and entertainment technology company revolutionizing known attractions, games, and products for the next generation of entertainment thrill-seekers. We are currently taking the popular sport of go-kart racing and combining it with the strategy and skill of Esports gaming to pioneer a new hybrid industry vertical that will lay the foundation of a new combat motorsport called BATTLE RACING. Our “Go-kart Mobile Laser-Tag” (GMLT™) product officially known as the BATTLE CONSOLE is a retrofittable hyper immersive gaming console and controller system for electric go-karts and larger vehicles—transforming the traditional racing experience into a 21st-century hyper-immersive, mixed-reality, gaming experience in the physical world. This new motorsport will introduce virtual offensive & defensive weapon items/ powerups to grant players a temporary competitive edge as they dodge landmines along the track and BATTLE RACE for first place. Emotional Ideas seeks to leverage the youth and minority audiences’ interest in advanced gaming technology to create a new gamified motorsport that can serve as a future alternative to NASCAR and F1 Racing. Think about it. What if Nintendo’s Mario Kart was a pro motorsport played on real electric vehicles (small or large engines) on a real physical track? BATTLE RACING is new combat motorsport; Built for Drivers but Designed for Gamers!

Joshua Nelson, Founder/ CEO, Bill McKeel, COO

Our Founder/ CEO, Joshua Nelson, has always been fascinated with amusement and entertainment attractions. Such passion has often led him to visit new entertainment centers on opening day. So much so, that for his 21st Birthday, he chose to visit one of his favorite childhood pastimes, Chuck E Cheeses! Since 2010, Mr. Nelson has dedicated himself to not only learning the inner workings of the amusement & entertainment industry but also ways on how to further impact its future existence. He
recognized that leading organizations within the motorsport industry were struggling to appeal to both the younger and minority audiences. However, the world has seen a spike in interest for gaming and esports. He figured if he could combine new elements of advanced gaming technology with the traditional experience of racing, gamification could be the 21st-century redevelopment of motorsports racing.

This epiphany emerged during a casual outing of go-kart racing. He noticed when stuck behind an experienced driver, it was difficult to execute a pass or takeover. He wished he could simply take a page from Nintendo’s Mario Kart game and use a powerup to shoot the vehicle ahead and speed boost around. After the race, he couldn’t stop sharing “what if” scenarios around the potential of gamifying racing, and you know what they say. “If you can’t stop talking about something, then maybe you should be the one to do it.” In 2014, The Battle Racing technology was just an idea; in 2021, It became a US patented Idea!

Joshua Nelson, Founder/ CEO

Emotional Ideas’ business slogan is, “Innovative ideas driven by emotional passion.” We know that Battle Racing is an innovative idea, and that it will take a passionate team to bring this to mainstream. Our goal is for Emotional Ideas to be a top innovative leader within the Amusement, Gaming, & Sports tech industries. We are starting with revolutionizing the amusement and pro racing industry. Next, will be other popular attractions and games that need renovating for the upcoming generation.

To date, Emotional Ideas has successfully been granted a US patent, as well as global patent protection, surrounding the battle racing technology. We have developed numerous vendor and strategic partnerships in our effort to create a new global motorsport/ esport hybrid industry vertical. The technology will allow the EI team to change not only the basic racing experience but how fans engage and spectate the sport of racing. Starting with the amusement and entertainment industry, EI will first introduce “Battle Racing” as a fun, new enhancement to the traditional sport of go-karting. As fan engagement and interest increases, so will the push for a competitive recreational league, and eventually, a professional racing league will emerge. In the gaming world, it is a privilege that everyone gets to start on the same level and rely solely on skill and personal talent to get better. As opposed to current motorsports, where money buys the fastest cars and best drivers, “Battle Racing” will offer a competitive racing experience beyond who has the fastest vehicle—expanding into who has both the skill to drive and the talent to play. EI will introduce a new mixed reality of gaming and racing in the physical world that will mirror known combat racing games. Our founder has always dreamt of playing games like Nintendo’s Mario Kart, Sony’s Crash Team Racing or Twisted Metal in the physical reality, and now, the world has a new hyper immersive way to play & enjoy known combat racing games in real life!


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