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Our name, Emmes, means truth in Hebrew. We were founded by a statistician who believed that combining solid statistical design with a deep understanding of the disease or condition would shed light on the world’s important human health problems.

Projects are never identical, and neither are their solutions.
We have built a reputation over the past 40+ years for innovative study designs and sound execution that save time and resources.

  • Our understanding of science led us to develop an entirely new pediatric scoring algorithm for liver transplantation. Adopted by the United Network for Organ Sharing, this tool now gives children a fair chance to receive available organs.
  • We pioneered a new way to use central statistical monitoring for the FDA, uncovering data anomalies undetected by existing site monitoring practice.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking produced a Bayesian platform trial that allows product evaluation over multiple cancer types and treatments.
  • Creative design and execution of one study resulted in the first FDA approval of a device using artificial intelligence to diagnose disease.
  • A leading-edge mindset led to our development of one of the first Internet-based data entry and clinical research support platforms, Advantage eClinical. This platform allowed us to launch an important therapeutic trial during a pandemic in three days from receipt of the study protocol.
  • We remain at the forefront using the science of omics in researching vaccines and therapeutics.

“At Emmes, we question the ordinary and create the extraordinary. We challenge assumptions and remain teachable to ensure a deep understanding of a problem – before we offer solutions.”

- – Dr. Anne Lindblad, President and Chief Executive Officer

We connect with scientists around the world to make a difference in human health.

Our focus on innovation extends to our employees, who are valued contributors and idea generators. From the start, we’ve invested in the health and well-being of our staff and our community. It’s why we’ve been recognized as a family-friendly workplace and good corporate citizen; it’s why we’ve been chosen as a Best Place to Work. It’s the reason our people think of Emmes as a place where they can make a difference. Where they are viewed as trusted partners by our clients. And where their creativity and inventiveness are recognized.

We collaborate with our clients to produce valued, trusted scientific research. Our team members at Emmes are passionate about making a difference in the quality of human health, and we have supported more than a thousand studies across a diverse range of diseases since our formation in 1977. Our research is contributing to a healthier world.


Year Founded: 1977
Founded By: Joel Novak


401 N. Washington St, #700 Rockville,
MD 20850, United States

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