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Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Women

Founded in 2013, Elvie is a health and lifestyle brand dedicated to improving the lives of women through better (and smarter) technology. It’s our core belief that women of all ages need empowering technology that lets them take charge of their health across every life stage. With that in mind, we identify real needs and innovate around them, in turn creating conversations and challenging age-old taboos around women’s health.
Currently, we have four products on the market – the first being Elvie Trainer, our award-winning Kegel trainer and app that helps women strengthen their pelvic floor through fun, five-minute workouts. Our second launch, Elvie Pump, is the world’s first silent, wearable breast pump – a total game-changer in this category, as its unique design makes it possible for women to pump anytime, anywhere. In October 2020, we expanded our breastfeeding range with two new products, Elvie Curve and Elvie Catch, both innovative solutions designed to keep a mother’s busy hands (and headspace) free.

Given the number of taboos that surround women’s bodies and health, the growing Elvie team is driven by our overarching mission of changing perceptions while pioneering life-changing health solutions for women. Talking about vaginas and intimate health has always been “hush-hush” in most societies, but how can we design products that make lives easier if no one talks about these issues? If we don’t talk about them, we can’t create the technological innovations that dismantle them! Needless to say, throwing around words like “vagina” doesn’t raise eyebrows around here. Our work encourages us to engage in these discussions, shift people’s views, and educate both women and men on important – often intimate – topics. We see this as a great opportunity to drive real change in the culture at large while addressing the – often-ignored – needs of 50% of the population.

When we first opened our doors at 1BSQ, this was the first significant investment in the area from any femtech business. Before choosing Bristol, we looked at various options for our second R&D base, but the area’s unique blend of culture, its wealth of talented people, and quirky sense of humour is what clinched it for us. Bristol’s open-minded atmosphere is the ideal place to expand and develop new products while continuing to bust taboos.

It was vital that the office didn’t feel too much like an office; it needed to be a space that drew people in, that encouraged an exchange of ideas. A place for men and women to research, test, fail, learn and innovate – to develop designs that improve lives on a global scale. With bespoke meeting spaces named after pioneering women and allies throughout the ages, a tiered community hall, a breastfeeding room, and plenty of room to grow as a company, we’ve created a space that’s energised, thoughtful, and inclusive – and that’s before seeing the incredible workshop where our technology comes to life.

Ultimately, Bristol has produced some fantastic homegrown success stories – especially in tech. It’s the perfect place to drive our international expansion and bring in fresh talent to build our new line of products.
We’re so excited to be part of the community and create a local success story of our own.

“Bristol has produced some fantastic homegrown success stories – especially in tech. It’s the perfect place to drive our international expansion.”

- Tania Boler, Founder & CEO

As a sexual health researcher who had previously worked for the UN and global NGO’s, I’ve always been passionate about driving change in society, especially around neglected and taboo issues facing women during motherhood. Elvie was born out of this passion for women’s health, as so many of the issues women face are often swept under the carpet.

I had quickly become fed up with both the lack of innovation in women’s tech solutions and the cultural norms which have forbidden women to talk openly about their bodies. And the more I researched, the more I found that most of what was on the market at the time for women was simply ineffective.

Since founding the company, we’ve seen massive growth in the femtech space, with Elvie being a fundamental part of that shift. Ultimately, women don’t just deserve better tech, they’re demanding it, and with all the untapped potential in this industry, we want to keep building on this early success and continue to pioneer products that shatter our assumptions of what’s possible.

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