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We strive to assist clients in both publishing and marketing their book to build their business and brand

We strive to assist clients in both publishing and marketing their book to build their business and brand. With information being consumed faster than ever, Elite has created unique opportunities that benefit authors from all genres.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and that readers will benefit from it. Self-publishing can be a daunting project. Many individuals are not sure where to even begin. Let alone ho to ensure their book reaches its audience and is successful. That’s where we come in. With a background in media, web development, marketing, and publishing, Elite has the unique opportunity to help authors reach the top of their niche.

We turn ordinary business leaders with little to no writing experience into accomplished authors who top the charts and become instant authorities in their field. We often say that books are the new business card–and they’re far more effective! How many people throw awa a book?

We have published over 2500 titles with many of our authors beating out books published by authors like Tina Fey, Tim Ferris, and Robin Williams. Elite Online Publishing’s CEOs, Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson are national leaders in the publishing and marketing industries. Combined they have written over 20 bestsellers. Together, they interview some of the most influential, inspirational speakers and entrepreneurs on the podcast Elite Expert Insider. We live in a day and age where technology is constantly changing and improving, whether that is with marketing techniques or how we access new information. Access to websites, books, video footage, and more are readily available at the tip of our fingers. A simple search on our cellphones can provide us with answers that would take days or years of schooling to discover. This information is distributed through various systems; eBook, Audiobook, Paperback Book and Hardcover Book.

We continue to work with our authors long past book launch day, ensuring their success and a positive experience on this exciting journey. All of our authors are part of the Elite publishing family, and they are the reason we do this.

Elite is passionate about creating valuable platforms from which leaders can share their ideas and pass on their expertise. Every author Elite publishes becomes a #1 Bestseller across many platforms including Amazon, iTunes, Google Books, and more. In addition to expert branding and marketing services that include video production, author page platform design, social media and website design and management. Elite also helps authors find their voice through writing workshops, masterclasses and content creation digital courses. Elite prides itself on its ability to help business professionals become authors who are able to brand themselves in a meaningful way and create permanent resources for their clients and readers to carry with them.

Founders Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster are both business leaders, entrepreneurs and #1 Bestselling authors themselves. Melanie owned and operated two TV stations in Houston and Dallas and created multiple award winning advertising campaigns for businesses before becoming the owner and CEO of Elite Online Publishing. In addition to writing and publishing, her expertise spans broadcasting, communications, marketing, promotions, and finance.

In addition to Elite, Jenn Foster is also the CEO of Biz Social Boom, a company dedicated to helping business owners of all sizes thrive in today’s highly technical world of product and service promotion. She helps hundreds of businesses build award winning websites and become front-page news across search engines. Jenn is an award-winning web designer, highly soughtafter speaker, and is named one of America’s “Premier Experts.”

Have you ever had a good idea and then just ran with it. That’s exactly what these two single mom’s Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster did. They had become friends over the years, from going to the same marketing conferences, and at one of these conferences an idea was born. They both knew about publishing and were #1 bestselling authors. Melanie had a villa down in the Dominican Republic, and Jenn was determined to figure out how to monetize and enjoy the villa and the beach.

Together they came up with hosting a book writing retreat at the beach called Hot Chicks Write Hot Books at the Beach. During the breaks of the conference, they made a video, created the logo, sent out an email campaign, and Jenn created the lead capture website. The retreat was a success. From the momentum of the retreat, other authors started pouring in, and they wanted Jenn and Melanie to publish their books as well. That is when Elite Online Publishing was born; August 2015.

Since then, Melanie and Jenn have made almost 100 authors #1 bestsellers, became 13 x bestselling authors themselves and published over 2,500 books under their own imprint and brand. They host a weekly podcast, Elite Expert Insider, that educates, inspires and motivates entrepreneurs, innovators and growth seekers. The podcast has had over 60,000 downloads on one episode. They are speakers and have spoken on stages across the country. Melanie participated in the Sugarland, TX Tedx conference and has her speech on Tedx YouTube.

Elite Online Publishing believes every business and entrepreneur should have a book. Your book is the cornerstone and a marketing piece for your business and personal brand. Melanie and Jenn started their business with an idea and bootstrapped it together with no money and have doubled their revenue every year. They are truly the idea of the American entrepreneurial dream.

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