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We’re a boutique agency with over 25 years of international experience – from Japan to Switzerland, Northern Europe, France, and the USA. Our clients include startups and big named brands.

Every organization has a persona, every project a story. We initialize strategies to get to the root of what that persona is and then develop stories linked to their brand. Brand = mission + vision + messages. We develop Go-to-Market communication strategies to set our clients in the direction of their short and long term future aspirations.
We build ongoing relationships with customers, end-users and key stakeholders which leads to interactive dialogues. That leads to trust. Trust leads to listening. Listening leads to increased ROI. When you listen to your key customers and deliver compelling visual and written content that can be shaped into modern memories, you have a winning public relations strategy. We listen to our customers to deliver laser-focused PR.

Elise Krentzel, CEO/Founder, MsC

Eileen Keller, Director of Media Strategy

Wendy Nolin, Director of Sales

Kathleen Hayden, Director of Creative Sourcing

Elise Krentzel CEO/Founder, MsC
She has fun creating more revenue, impact, and visibility for her clients.
In 2008, after Elise Krentzel returned from living in Europe for 20 years she formed ek public relations. It is the culmination of her career adventures and amazing life experiences in 5 countries on 3 continents. She’s courageously pioneered and built from scratch, successful media and marketing enterprises over the course of her 25+ year career. Starting her career as a music journalist, she toured with KISS in Japan. She wound up spending five years there where she founded the first foreign-owned music talent & booking agency in Tokyo. She launched the first privately held interactive digital travel guide publishing house in Europe, and a non-profit AIDS organization in South Africa servicing youth through music video PSA’s. Ever the adventuress, she’s devoted to helping others achieve success by gaining an original edge in new and existing markets, in any country.
Elise makes the possible probable through her comprehensive no-nonsense communication strategies. She leverages startups and big brands with strategic partners and transforms market share through innovative media approaches that positively impact the bottom line. She’s authored two books, runs two blogs, and loves public speaking. She’s listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the East and sits on several boards.
Elise loves discovery in all forms: art, travel, the pursuit of knowledge, new technology that transforms the way we communicate, live and work, and most of all her son, who will graduate from college in 2023.

Eileen Keller
Director of Media Strategy
She has an empathetic heart-centered in a casing of imagination.
Eileen Keller is recognized as one of the foremost media-buying strategists in the world of Advertising. With a background in neurosciences, behavioral sciences, and psychology, she brings a broader vision to media investments. She started her career at McCann Erickson in Dallas buying time for Coca-Cola USA, before going on to New York and then back to Austin. She has been involved with over 2,500 clients in her career, from presidential candidates to international placement for Dell, AMD and Cabletron (acting as their 70-country Communications Director in London), as well as local businesses and non-profits around the world.
She authored a textbook on Media Buying (still in use at Texas State University) and has been teaching her craft for over 20 years. She is a past-president of the Austin Advertising Federation, a recipient of the Silver Service Award for her Public Service activity, and was nominated for the Banner Awards: Outstanding Austin Communicator. She currently serves as a member of the Media Managers Advisory Committee for BPA Worldwide. Mrs. Keller describes herself as a Social Physicist and is currently producing content to meet her clients’ needs.

Wendy Nolin
Director of Sales
She turns B-players into A-players, and A-players into Rockstars!
Wendy is a superstar when it comes to sales. She has 18 years of sales leadership, training, and consulting under her belt with Alaska Airlines and the luxury retail jeweler Ben Bridge amongst others from startups to Forbes 100 companies. She guides and directs clients through an ever-changing digital sales environment by developing viable sales strategies to optimize efficiency for maximum revenue generation working in tandem with PR and marketing.
As PR merges with marketing and marketing with sales in a seamless digital world, Wendy steps up to the plate to buttress the social media sales process alongside sales distribution in B2C and B2B funnels.
When she’s not kicking sales into high gear, she loves on the dogs waiting to be adopted at the Humane Society, belly dancing, and travel. Oh, and she’s had lunch with Warren Buffett 3 times.

Kathleen Hayden
Director of Creative Sourcing
Welcoming the challenge to find the perfect iteration for you.
Years spent observing and participating in the creative arts has given Kathleen an appreciation for the impact that art, in all forms, has in life. Her masterful eye allows her to imagine a new look, be it graphically, for products, or interiors. Her relationships with artists and manufacturers worldwide give Kathleen an edge in the world of high-quality product sourcing. She’s a sourcerer and knows where and who to go to, to produce anything from a print publication to an art installation.
When she’s not creating art in her environment she’s doing it for others.

ek Public Relations

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